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Jared Curhan

Jared Curhan

Sloan Distinguished Associate Professor of Organization Studies

Contact: (617) 253-5219,

Expertise: Dispute resolution; Negotiation and conflict resolution; Organizational behavior; Organizational psychology; Organizational studies; Social psychology

Stephen Graves

Stephen Graves

Abraham J. Siegel Professor of Management

Department: Professor of Operations Management, Leaders for Global Operations and Engineering Systems

Contact: (617) 253-6602,

Expertise: Inventory; Logistics; Manufacturing systems; Optimization; Supply chain management

Arnoldo Hax

Arnoldo Hax

Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Management Emeritus

Department: Professor of Technological Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Strategic Management

Contact: (617) 253-4930,

Expertise: Corporate strategy and policy; International management; Latin America; Operations management

Retsef Levi

Retsef Levi

J. Spencer Standish (1945) Professor of Management

Department: Professor of Operations Management

Contact: (617) 253-4155,

Expertise: Applied math; Applied probability; Business intelligence; Competition; Convergence; Decision making, decision support; Facility location; Healthcare operations management; Infrastructures; Inventory; Logistics; Manufacturing management; Manufacturing systems; Mathematical programming; Medical decision making with technological advances; Medicine; Middle East; Operations management; Operations research; Optimal control; Optimization; Price fixing; Probability, applied; Process control; Production; Project management; Revenue management optimization; Sampling; Statistics; Stochastic modeling; Supply chain management; Terrorism; Vehicle routing

James Orlin

James Orlin

E. Pennell Brooks (1917) Professor in Management

Department: Professor of Operations Research

Contact: (617) 253-6606,

Expertise: Airlines; Data mining; Decision making, decision support; Logistics; Mathematical programming; Operations research; Optimization; Transportation

Donald Rosenfield

Donald Rosenfield

Department: Senior Lecturer, Operations Management

Contact: (617) 253-1064,

Expertise: Applied probability; Automotive; B-school; Business education; Computers; Consumer electronics; Facility location; Globalization; Inventory; Logistics; Manufacturing education; Manufacturing management; Manufacturing systems; MBA; Microeconomics; Operations management; Operations research; Production; Supply chain management; Transportation

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