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Evan Apfelbaum

Evan Apfelbaum

W. Maurice Young (1961) Career Development Professor of Management

Department: Assistant Professor of Organization Studies

Contact: (617) 252-1427,

Expertise: Diversity; Gender issues; Leadership; Managing change; Race relations; Social psychology

Emilio J Castilla

Emilio J Castilla

NTU Professor of Management

Department: Associate Professor of Management

Contact: (617) 253-0286,

Expertise: Benefits; Career development; Changing work environments; Changing workforce; Compensation; Employment relations; Future of work; Gender/race issues, workplace; Hiring; Human resource management; Industrial relations; Labor market policy; Managing diversity; Organizations; Recruitment; Social networks; Sociology; Turnover; Worker / Management relations; Workplace inequality and diversity

Ray Reagans

Ray Reagans

Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Management

Department: Professor of Organization Studies

Contact: (617) 715-4154,

Expertise: Diversity; Knowledge management; Managing diversity; Organizational communication; Organizational learning; Social networks; Teams

Mary Rowe

Mary Rowe

Department: Adjunct Professor of Management

Contact: (617) 253-5902,

Expertise: Conflict management; Discrimination; Dispute resolution; Diversity; Gender issues, workplace; Harassment; Human resource management; Negotiation and conflict resolution; Race relations; Sexual harassment

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