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Sharmila Chatterjee

Sharmila Chatterjee

Department: Academic Head, Enterprise Management Track Senior Lecturer, Marketing

Contact: (617) 253-8214,

Expertise: Brand management; Business intelligence; Business intelligence; Business plans; Channel management; Channels; Competition; Competitive strategy; Competitive strategy; Customer Relationship Management (CRM); Customer relationships; Customer satisfaction; Customer service; Education; Executive education; International marketing; Market research; Marketing; Marketing channels; Marketing communication; Marketing strategy; MBA; Positioning; Pricing; Product design; Product development; Product loyalty; Public relations; Retail; Sales; Sales and sales processes; Sales and sales processes; Sales force automation; Trust-based marketing

Elaine Chen

Elaine Chen

Department: Senior Lecturer

Contact: ,

Expertise: Business plans; Entrepreneurial management; Entrepreneurship; Hi technology companies; Hi-technology / Hi-tech; Innovation; Innovation management; Innovative thinking; Intellectual property; Intellectual property; Leadership; Leadership; Management of technology; Manufacturing management; Market research; New venture development; New ventures; Open innovation; Patents; Positioning; Product design; Product development; Product innovation; Research and development; Robotics; Robots; Software engineering; Startups / Start-ups; Technological innovation; Technological innovation; Technology; Technology strategy

Vivek Farias

Vivek Farias

Robert N. Noyce Career Development Professor

Department: Associate Professor of Operations Management

Contact: (617) 253-7659,

Expertise: Airlines; Applied probability; Decision making; Financial engineering; Mathematical programming; Operations management; Operations research

John Little

John Little

Institute Professor

Department: Professor of Marketing

Contact: (617) 253-3738,

Expertise: Advertising; Analytics; Brand management; Branding; Channels; Consumer packaged goods; Data mining; Decision making; Decision support; Manufacturing; Manufacturing systems; Market research; Marketing; Marketing channels; Mathematical programming; Mathematical programming; Media; Operations management; Operations management; Operations research; Optimization; Pricing; Pricing; Probability; Probability, applied; Product loyalty; Sales and sales processes; Statistics

Georgia Perakis

Georgia Perakis

William F. Pounds Professor of Management

Department: Professor of Operations Research and Operations Management

Contact: (617) 253-8277,

Expertise: Big data; Electricity; Inventory; Logistics; Mathematical programming; Mathematical programming; Online shopping; Operations management; Operations research; Optimal control; Optimization; Pricing; Pricing; Retail; Revenue management; Sampling; Service industry; Social networks; Social networks; Statistics; Subsidies; Supply chain management; Sustainability; United Kingdom; United States

Duncan Simester

Duncan Simester

NTU Professor of Marketing

Contact: (617) 258-0679,

Expertise: Channels; Marketing channels; Marketing strategy; Pricing; Retail

Zeynep Ton

Zeynep Ton

Department: Adjunct Associate Professor of Operations Management

Contact: (617) 715-4838,

Karen Zheng

Karen Zheng

Sloan School Career Development Professor

Department: Assistant Professor of Operations Management

Contact: (617) 253-4512,

Expertise: China; Decision making; Operations management; Supply chain management; Sustainability

Why Retailers Must (But Won’t) Succeed In Introducing Mobile Payment Systems — Catherine Tucker

From TechCrunch  In the digital age, it’s critical for retailers to collect and manage customer data. This information is the key to providing personalization for any kind of shopping experience, as it allows retailers to understand customer preferences and analyze shopping histories. Smartphone payment systems like Apple Pay are an important method of obtaining this data since they allow data collection across different retailers for the same individual. However, when the data is collected and controlled by a third party like Apple, it is risky for retailers. Read the full post at TechCrunch   Catherine Tucker is the Mark Hyman Jr. Career Development Professor and Associate Professor of Management Science at MIT Sloan.The post Why Retailers Must (But Won’t) Succeed In Introducing Mobile Payment Systems — Catherine Tucker appeared first on MIT Sloan Experts.

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