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John Carrier

John Carrier

Department: Senior Lecturer

Contact: ,

Expertise: Action learning; Applied probability; Automotive industry; Bankruptcy; Business education; Business process modeling; Business process modeling; Business process modeling; Business transformation; Canada; Case studies; Change management; Competitive strategy; Crisis management; Data analytics; Education; Employee motivation; Energy; Europe; Executive education; Executive education; Experimental design; Family business; Fracking; Gas; Healthcare delivery; Healthcare industry; Healthcare operations management; Hospital operations management; Hostile work environment; Hydraulic fracturing; Industrial organization; Industrial relations; Industrial relations; Innovation; Innovation management; Innovative thinking; Inventory; Italy; Job creation; Leadership; Leadership; Logistics; Management education; Managerial change; Managerial vision; Managing change; Managing change; Manufacturing education; Manufacturing management; Manufacturing systems; Mexico; MOOCs; MOOCs; Natural gas; Non-linear dynamics; Nonlinear dynamics; Oil; Oil industry; Online education; Online education; Online feedback mechanisms; Open innovation; Operations management; Operations research; Optimal control; Organizational behavior; Organizational culture; Predictive analytics; Private equity; Probability; Process control; Product innovation; Production; Productivity; Project management; Quality; Research and development; Russia; Sampling; Sociotechnical system; Startups / Start-ups; Statistics; Supply chain management; Sustainability; System dynamics; System dynamics; Teams; Total Quality Management (TQM); Training; Training programs; Turnaround; United Kingdom; United States; Virtual teams and organizations

Shari Loessberg

Shari Loessberg

Department: Senior Lecturer, Technological Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Strategic Management

Contact: (617) 253-5070,

Expertise: Angel investing; Corporate governance; Eastern Europe; Emerging markets; Entrepreneurial finance; Financial services; Global entrepreneurship; International entrepreneurship; New ventures; Non-profits / Nonprofits; Russia; Social networks; Venture capital; Vietnam

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Podcasts & Video

Rusnano: Fostering Nanotechnology Innovation in Russia

In both lecture format and conversation with Sloan Senior Lecturer Noubar Afeyan, Rusnano CEO Anatoly Chubais presents an ambitious plan to create Russia's Nanotechnology Center--a $10 billion, entrepreneurial ecosystem that incorporates education, research and business incubation.

How to not be a democracy — Yasheng Huang

From The Huffington Post According to Democracy Index of The Economist magazine, today about 47% of the countries are democratic; 53% are either authoritarian or are a hybrid of democratic and authoritarian regimes. The election of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States must have given an electric jolt to that non-democratic 53% of the world. Authoritarians cheered. Vladimir Putin was among the first to call to congratulate and so did President Xi Jinping of China. In an opinion piece for the New York Times, Eric Li, a Chinese venture capitalist, who rose to prominence for his fierce defense and assertion of the superiority of the Chinese political system, wrote that many people in China supported Trump’s candidacy. Trump, Mr. Li argues, is a business pragmatist and will engage with China without what he calls “the shackles of ideology”—i.e., an ideology of democratic and liberal values. This would be good … Read More » The post How to not be a democracy — Yasheng Huang appeared first on MIT Sloan Experts.

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