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Darcy Winslow

Darcy Winslow

Department: Senior Lecturer, MIT Leadership Center

Contact: (503) 227-8820,

Expertise: Change management; Climate change; Consumer behavior; Corporate social responsibility; Emissions trading; Environment; Executive education; Experimental design; Future of work; Global warming; Green industries; Leadership; Managing change; Marketing; Non-profits / Nonprofits; Organizational culture; Product development; Sustainability; United States

Andy Yap

Andy Yap

Department: Lecturer

Contact: (617) 324-7291,

Expertise: Asia Pacific; Business ethics; Changing work environments; Cross-cultural awareness; Cultural differences; Employee motivation; Ethics; Experimental design; Hostile work environment; Incentives; Leadership; Leadership; Motivation; Motivation; Negotiation; Organizational behavior; Organizational change; Organizational communication; Organizational communications; Organizational culture; Organizational design and performance; Organizational psychology; Singapore; Social psychology; Women in business; Work-life balance; Workplace health

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