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Charles Kane

Charles Kane

Department: Senior Lecturer

Contact: (617) 921-2541,

Expertise: Accounting; Africa; Alliances; Analyst forecasts; Argentina; Asia; Auditing; Banking; Banking marketing; Brazil; Business education; Business ethics; Business intelligence; Business plans; Capital budgeting; Capital controls; Capital market; China; Competitive strategy; Component software technologies; Computer industry; Corporate finance; Corporate governance; Corporate strategy and policy; Cross-cultural awareness; Cultural differences; Data acquisition; Data storage; Derivatives; Developing countries; Disclosure; Distance learning; Downsizing; Earnings manipulations; eBay; eCommerce; Education; Elevator pitch; Emerging markets; Equities; Euro; Exchange rates; Executive education; Financial engineering; Financial services; Financial statement analysis; Foreign investment; Futures; Global entrepreneurship; Globalization; Google; High technology companies; Interest rates; International coroparte strategy; International finance; International management; International trade; Internet security; Internet software; Internet strategy; Investment banking; Investor relations; Knowledge sharing; Logistics; MBA; Mergers and acquisitions; Microsoft; Monetary policy; Negotiation and conflict resolution; New ventures; Non-profits / Nonprofits; Online feedback mechanisms; Operations management; Options; Options pricing valuation; Price fixing; Private equity; Process control; Project management; Revenue management; Risk management; Sales force automation; Service industry; Software; Startups / Start-ups; Strategic planning; Supply chain management; Tax policy; Taxation; Turkey; Venture capital

Roberta Pittore

Roberta Pittore

Department: Senior Lecturer, Managerial Communications

Contact: (617) 258-7253,

Expertise: Action learning; Blogs; Business plans; Case studies; Channels; Communication; Communication practices; Conflict management; Conflict management; Conflict resolution; Corporate social responsibility; Cross-cultural awareness; Cultural differences; Dispute resolution; Dispute resolution; Electronic communication; Elevator pitch; Email; Email; Executive education; International communication; International communication; Investor relations; Knowledge management; Leadership; Leadership; Leadership; Management education; Managerial communication; Media; Negotiation; Negotiation and conflict resolution; Organizational communication; Organizational communications; Organizational culture; Public relations; Teams; Training

The most rotten part about Thanksgiving Day — It’s time for America’s retail industry to change its ways — Zeynep Ton

From Fortune This year, all kinds of holiday shopping traditions are being upended as desperate retailers do everything they can think of to increase sales. On what’s being called “Gray Thursday,” retailers like Walmart WMT 0.85% , Toys“R”Us, Target TGT 0.37% , and Kmart are giving shoppers the jump on Black Friday by opening on the evening of Thanksgiving, presumably after you’ve had enough turkey and cranberry sauce. JC Penney JCP 1.57% is opening even earlier — at 3 p.m. This is a rotten break for employees forced to work while the rest of the family gathers together, as I point out here. REI, the outdoor sports and gear retailer, seems to be taking another approach, closing its 143 outlets on bothThanksgiving AND Black Friday. This move may earn REI a lot of publicity and goodwill. It is also consistent with the company’s brand as an environmentally concerned business and … Read More »The post The most rotten part about Thanksgiving Day — It’s time for America’s retail industry to change its ways — Zeynep Ton appeared first on MIT Sloan Experts.

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