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Francis O'Sullivan

Francis O'Sullivan

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S-Lab '09: Jakarta

It's been predicted that within 16 years, Indonesia's capital city of Jakarta could sink up to 15 feet, leading to catastrophic flooding of the area. This devastating possibility is a direct result of the lack of clean drinking water available from the city's many rivers, which has caused area residents to pump excessive amounts of ground water, leading to massive drops in the land levels. In an effort to mitigate damage and prevent disaster, work is being done to clean up Jakarta's water supply and restore the habitat. A Sustainability Lab team from MIT Sloan was among those who traveled to Jakarta to provide insights on watershed management and insuring clean water. Team member Ian Lavery, MBA '10, talks about the challenge of merging environmental management and economic priorities, and the value of system dynamics.

How Would Climate Change Influence Society in the 21st Century?

Rajendra Pachauri describes the kinds of adaptations humanity must make to the changes already underway, including protection from flooding; preventing water scarcity; and retooling agriculture. Developed nations have a head start in these, and must help out developing nations, or risk global conflicts. Yet adaptation alone "cannot cope with all the projected impacts of climate change," says Pachauri, so greenhouse gas mitigation efforts are urgent.

Student Stories: Emily Le

She grew up in rural central Massachusetts, but her cultural perspective encompasses Octoberfest in Germany and warm sand on Costa Rica's shore. She loves to swim, but she is hardly a fish out of water in a marathon field. She is helping with an MIT Sloan fashion show, but working a trading desk suits her just fine. She is MIT Sloan student Emily Le. Correspondent Scott Rolph speaks with Le this week in the first episode of our Student Stories series.

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