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Renee Gosline

Renee Gosline

Zenon Zannetos (1955) Career Development Professor

Department: Assistant Professor of Marketing

Contact: (617) 452-4303,

Expertise: Advertising; Apps; Blogs; Brand management; Branding; Caribbean; Consumer behavior; Consumer marketing; Consumer packaged goods; Consumer psychology; Crowdfunding; Customer Relationship Management (CRM); Customer relationships; Electronic media; Elevator pitch; Facebook; Intellectual property; Leadership; Leadership; Luxury goods; Marketing; Medical decision making; Online education; Social media; Social networks; Startups / Start-ups; Strategy; Tumblr; Twitter; United States; YouTube

The branding of an American president — Ellen Tave Glassman

From The Conversation These days, a website, a YouTube video and a kickoff speech will often accompany each presidential campaign rollout. And all will be accented by a campaign logo. So far, Hillary Clinton’s logo has received the lion’s share of media attention for its polarizing design (more on that later). But what about the others? What do these symbols say about each candidate, their messages and the zeitgeist? And, more broadly, what makes a good logo? Applying this lens, one major trend that emerges is the increasingly important role technology and social networks play in winning elections. The history of campaign branding As technology has evolved, so has the content and style of “branding” candidates. From the 1700s through the early 1800s, posters and political cartoon engravings were the communication platform of choice, as literacy rates were low. Interestingly, political buttons can be found as far back as the … Read More »The post The branding of an American president — Ellen Tave Glassman appeared first on MIT Sloan Experts.

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