• Faculty

    Faculty in the MIT Sloan Information Technology Group are working with student researchers to address questions raised by the digital economy, examine the transformation of organizations and markets, and explore the development of new business models. The study of information technology is inherently multidisciplinary, and faculty members come with backgrounds in economics, management science, computer science, organizational behavior, sociology, and psychology.

    Full-Time Faculty

  • Sinan Aral

    Sinan Aral

    David Austin Professor of Management
    Professor, Information Technology and Marketing
    Office: E62-364
    Phone: (617) 324-7535
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  • Erik Brynjolfsson

    Erik Brynjolfsson

    Schussel Family Professor of Management Science
    Professor, Information Technology
    Office: E62-414
    Phone: (617) 253-4319
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  • Stuart Madnick

    Stuart Madnick

    John Norris Maguire (1960) Professor of Information Technology
    Professor, Information Technology and Engineering Systems
    Office: E62-422
    Phone: (617) 253-6671
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  • Thomas Malone

    Thomas Malone

    Patrick J. McGovern (1959) Professor of Management
    Professor, Information Technology
    Office: E62-424
    Phone: (617) 253-6843
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  • Wanda Orlikowski

    Wanda Orlikowski

    Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Management
    Professor, Information Technologies and Work and Organization Studies
    Office: E62-418
    Phone: (617) 253-0443
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  • Other Academic Staff

  • Sinéad O'Flanagan

    Sinéad O'Flanagan

    Senior Lecturer, Information Technology
    Office: E62-362
    Phone: (617) 253-5703
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  • Sandy Pentland

    Sandy Pentland

    Toshiba Professor of Media Arts & Science
    Professor, Information Technology
    Office: E15-387
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  • Jeanne Ross

    Jeanne Ross

    Principal Research Scientist
    Center for Information Systems Research
    Office: E94-1551
    Phone: (617) 253-9461
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  • Michael Siegel

    Michael Siegel

    Principal Research Scientist, Information Technology
    Office: E94-1567
    Phone: (617) 253-2937
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  • Peter Weill

    Peter Weill

    Senior Research Scientist;
    Office: E94-1549
    Phone: (617) 253-2930
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  • Irving Wladawsky-Berger

    Irving Wladawsky-Berger

    Visiting Lecturer, Information Technology
    Office: E40-237
    Phone: (203) 856-4915
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