• Faculty

    The MIT Sloan marketing group faculty is engaged in award-winning research projects that cross disciplinary lines and explore new concepts, ideas, and methods. For example, Drazen Prelec is studying MRI scans of the brain to learn more about consumer decision-making. Catherine Tucker is exploring how the ability of firms to use digital data to personalize, socialize and target marketing affects marketing outcomes and internet policy. Renée Gosline is conducting experiments on the benefits and risks that technology (social media, wearables, imitative clones), present for social structure and consumer behavior. John Hauser and Glen Urban are exploring ways to “morph” websites and banner advertising to match consumers’ cognitive styles. Juanjuan Zhang has developed a new means to understand consumer learning.  Duncan Simester and Birger Wernerfelt are exploring marketing strategy. Sinan Aral is exploring the causal influences of social media.

    Full-Time Faculty

  • Sinan Aral

    Sinan Aral

    David Austin Professor of Management
    Professor, Information Technology and Marketing
    Office: E62-364
    Phone: (617) 324-7535
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  • Sharmila Chatterjee

    Sharmila Chatterjee

    Academic Head, Enterprise Management Track
    Office: E62-543
    Phone: (617) 253-8214
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  • Dean Eckles

    Dean Eckles

    KDD Career Development Professor in Communications and Technology
    Assistant Professor, Marketing
    Office: E62-541
    Phone: (617) 258-9102
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  • Renee Gosline

    Renee Gosline

    Senior Lecturer and Research Scientist, Marketing
    Office: E62-539
    Phone: (617) 452-4303
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  • John Hauser

    John Hauser

    Kirin Professor of Marketing
    Professor, Marketing
    Office: E62-538
    Phone: (617) 253-2929
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  • T. Tony Ke

    T. Tony Ke

    Assistant Professor, Marketing
    Office: E62-535
    Phone: (617) 253-9745
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  • John Little

    John Little

    Institute Professor, Emeritus
    Professor, Marketing
    Office: E62-534
    Phone: (617) 253-3738
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  • Drazen Prelec

    Drazen Prelec

    Digital Equipment Corp. Leaders for Global Operations Professor of Management
    Professor of Management Science and Economics
    Office: E62-540
    Phone: (617) 253-2833
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  • David Rand

    David Rand

    Associate Professor, Marketing
    Office: E62-539
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  • David Schmittlein

    David Schmittlein

    John C Head III Dean
    Professor, Marketing
    Office: E60-316
    Phone: (617) 253-2804
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  • Duncan Simester

    Duncan Simester

    NTU Professor of Marketing
    Professor, Marketing
    Office: E62-542
    Phone: (617) 258-0679
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  • Catherine Tucker

    Catherine Tucker

    Sloan Distinguished Professor of Management
    Professor, Marketing
    Office: E62-536
    Phone: (617) 252-1499
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  • Glen Urban

    Glen Urban

    David Austin Professor in Marketing, Emeritus
    Professor, Marketing, Emeritus
    Office: E62-533
    Phone: (617) 253-6615
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  • Birger Wernerfelt

    Birger Wernerfelt

    J.C. Penney Professor of Management
    Professor, Marketing
    Office: E62-532
    Phone: (617) 253-7192
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  • Juanjuan Zhang

    Juanjuan Zhang

    John D. C. Little Professor of Marketing
    Professor, Marketing
    Office: E62-534
    Phone: (617) 452-2790
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  • Other Academic Staff

  • Tage Rai

    Tage Rai

    Research Associate
    Office: E62-537
    Phone: (617) 324-7358
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  • John Roberts

    John Roberts

    Office: E53-349
    Phone: (617) 252-1499
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