Faculty & Research

Janet Wilkinson

Janet Wilkinson is a Senior Lecturer in Management Science at the MIT Sloan School of Management and the Director of the Initiative for Health Systems Innovation.

Much of her career has been spent at MIT conducting research in System Dynamics, Organizational Learning, and in the educational theory and technology needed to create effective learning environments.  She was also the director of two research centers at MIT Sloan, and developed senior executive programs.  She currently uses her experience to work with students and senior leaders in health and global healthcare delivery.

Wilkinson founded an international consulting firm that specialized in developing system dynamics simulation models, educational programs, and systems thinking consulting and coaching for their clients.  Inc. Magazine ranked her company as one of the fastest growing businesses in the US.

She was an elected member of municipal government, serving as the chair of the board of selectmen for a Massachusetts community.  She has served on the Governor’s Local Government Advisory Commission, and as a senior board member for the Massachusetts Municipal Association and the Massachusetts Selectmen’s Association.

Wilkinson holds a BA in economics from Boston University, an MEd in computer technology from Lesley University, and an MEd and ABD from Harvard University in planning and social policy.

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