John Minahan

Senior Lecturer, Finance

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John Minahan

John Minahan is a Senior Lecturer in Finance and Associate Faculty Director of the Master of Finance Program. 

He teaches the Finance Research Practicum, an Action Learning course in which Master of Finance and other students work on business-motivated, finance research questions posed by external organizations.

Prior to joining MIT Sloan in 2010, Minahan had a career in institutional investment consulting.  His consulting experiences kindled an interest in the behavioral aspects of investment decision-making, especially the roles of culture and professionalism in shaping investment and risk management practices.  He continues to pursue this interest through his teaching, research, consulting, and volunteer work.

Minahan has been active in investment professional associations including the CFA Institute, QWAFAFEW, the Boston Economic Club (BEC), and the Boston Security Analysts Society, Inc. (BSAS).  He is a past president of both the BSAS and the BEC, and is a co-founder of the Boston Investment Research Challenge.  He has also served on the boards and finance-related committees of several not-for-profits.

Minahan holds a BS from Boston College, a PhD from MIT Sloan, and is a CFA Charterholder.


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General Expertise
Accounting standards; Action learning; Applied microeconomics; Asset management; Business ethics; Competitive strategy; Consulting; Consulting; Cross-cultural awareness; Cultural differences; Cultural differences; Decision analysis; Education; Ethics; Executive education; Family business; Hedge funds; Industrial economics; Industrial organization; Industrial organization; Investment analysis; Investment policy; Investment policy; Investment risk; Investment strategies; Leadership; Leadership; Liquidity; Managerial economics; Managerial economics; Organizational behavior; Organizational change; Organizational culture; Organizational learning; Organizational psychology; Organizational studies; Organizations; Pension funds; Pensions; Pensions; Portfolio choice; Portfolio design and management; Portfolio theory; Retirement finance; Retirement planning; Retirement planning; Risk management; Risk management; Social psychology; Valuation