John Sterman

Jay W. Forrester Professor of Management
Professor of System Dynamics and Engineering Systems
Director, MIT System Dynamics Group

Biography | Selected Publications

Stumbling towards Sustainability: Why organizational learning and radical innovation are necessary to build a more sustainable world—but not sufficient (2013)

Climate Interactive: The C-ROADS Climate Policy Model (2012)

Management Flight Simulators to Support Climate Negotiations. Environmental Modelling and Software (2012)

Reporting Guidelines for Simulation-based Research in Social Sciences (2012)

"Utilities Need to Cut Trees, Not Costs." Sterman, J. Boston Globe (op-ed), 5 November, A11 (2011)

Does formal system dynamics training improve people's understanding of accumulation? (2010)

In Praise of Greensburg, Kansas (2010)

A Disaggregate Population Model of China (1985)

An Experiment to Evaluate Methods for Estimating Fossil Fuel Resources (1985)

Bifurcations and Chaotic Behavior in a Simple Model of the Economic Long Wave (1985)

STRATEGEM-2: A Microcomputer Simulation Game of the Kondratiev Cycle (1985)

The Growth of Knowledge: Testing a Theory of Scientific Revolutions with a Formal Model (1985)

Appropriate Summary Statistics for Evaluating the Historical Fit of System Dynamics Models (1984)

Economic Vulnerability and the Energy Transition (1983)

A Dynamic, Disequilibrium Model of Energy-Economy Interactions (1982)

Policy Analysis of the Low-Level Radioactive Waste-Disposal Problem in the United States (1982)


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Name: Jocelyn Climent
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General Expertise
Alternative energy; B-school; Business education; Business process modeling; Carbon footprint; Change management; Climate policy; Energy; Environment; Environmental leadership; Managing change; Nonlinear dynamics; Organizational behavior; Organizational learning; Strategic planning; Strategy; Supply chain management; Sustainability; System dynamics