John Sterman

Jay W. Forrester Professor of Management
Professor of System Dynamics and Engineering Systems
Director, MIT System Dynamics Group

Biography | Selected Publications

"Do Markets Mitigate Misperceptions of Feedback?" Kampmann, Christian E., and John D. Sterman. System Dynamics Review. 2014.  (2014)

"Cyclical Dynamics of Airline Industry Earnings." Pierson, Kawika, and Sterman, John D. Sterman (2013). System Dynamics Review 29(3): 129-156 (2013)

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"Order Stability in Supply Chains: The Impact of Coordination Stock." Croson, Rachel T. A., Karen Lisa Donohue, Elena Katok, and John D. Sterman (2013). Production and Operations Management 23(2): 176-196 (2013)

Stumbling towards Sustainability: Why organizational learning and radical innovation are necessary to build a more sustainable world—but not sufficient (2013)

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Instructor's Manual to Accompany Business Dynamics: Systems Thinking for a Complex World. John Sterman. Irwin/McGraw-Hill, 2001.

Sterman, John. Business Dynamics: Systems Thinking for a Complex World. Irwin/McGraw-Hill (textbook with CD-ROM; book website and curriculum resources at [Winner, 2002 Jay W. Forrester Award.] Available in Chinese (2008), Czech (2005), Japanese (2009). (2000)

Modeling for Learning Organizations. Edited by John D. W. Morecroft and John Sterman. Portland, OR: Productivity Press, 1994.


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Action learning; Alternative energy; Automotive industry; Business ethics; Business process modeling; Carbon footprint; Clean energy; Climate change; Climate policy; Corporate social responsibility; Emissions trading; Emissions trading; Energy; Energy efficiency; Environment; Environmental economics; Environmental leadership; Environmental policy; Fishing industry; Fracking; Global climate change; Global warming; Hydraulic fracturing; Managerial change; Natural gas; Nonlinear dynamics; Oil; Project management; Simulation; Social responsibility; Solar power; Sustainability; Sustainable design; System dynamics; System dynamics; Total Quality Management (TQM); Wind power