Stuart Madnick

John Norris Maguire (1960) Professor of Information Technology
Professor of Information Technology and Engineering Systems
Co-Director, PROFIT Program

Biography | Selected Publications

A Context-Based Approach to Reconciling Data Interpretation Conflicts in Web Services Composition (2013)

Agile Project Dynamics: A System Dynamics Investigation of Agile Software Development Methods (2013)

Predictors of Social Mobilization Speed (2013)

Data and Information Quality Research: Its Evolution and Future (2012)

Effect of Funding Fluctuations on Government Funded Software Development (2012)

Query Mediation over RDF Data Sources with Disparate Contexts (2012)

Towards better understanding Cybersecurity: or are "Cyberspace" and "Cyber Space" the same? (2012)

Understanding the Organizational Traps in Implementing Net-Centric Systems (2012)

A Pattern-Based Approach to Protocol Mediation for Web Services Composition (2010)

Bibliometric Analysis of Distributed Generation (2010)

Ideas for the Future of the IS Field (2010)

Legal Challenges and Strategies for Comparison Shopping and Data Reuse (2010)

A Framework for Technology Forecasting and Visualization (2009)

Approach and Preliminary Results for Early Growth Technology Analysis (2009)

Bibliometric Analysis of Distributed Generation (2009)

Comparison of Generality Based Algorithm Variants for Automatic Taxonomy Generation (2009)

Experiences and Challenges with Using Cert Data to Analyze International Cyber Security (2009)

Explorations in Cyber International Relations (ECIR) – Data Dashboard Report #1: CERT Data Sources and Prototype Dashboard System (2009)

Framework for the Analysis of the Adaptability, Extensibility, and Scalability of Semantic Information Integration and the Context Mediation Approach (2009)

Measuring Innovation Using Bibliometric Techniques: The Case of Solar Photovoltaic Industry (2009)

Reconciling Equational Heterogeneity within a Data Federation (2009)

Reconciling Semantic Heterogeneity in Web Services Composition (2009)

A Pattern-Based Approach to Protocol Mediation for Web Services Composition (2008)

Asymmetric Information Distances for Automated Taxonomy Construction (2008)

Comparison of Approaches for Gathering Data from the Web for Technology Trend Analysis (2008)

Implementing the COntent INterchange (COIN) Approach Through Use of Semantic Web Tools (2008)

Latent Semantic Analysis Applied to Tech Mining (2008)

Preventing Accidents and Building a Culture of Safety: Insights from a Simulation Model (2008)

Reconciliation of temporal semantic heterogeneity in evolving information systems (2008)

Reconciling Protocol Mismatches of Web Services by Using Mediators (2008)

Semantic Distances for Technology Landscape Visualization (2008)

Enabling Global Price Comparison through Semantic Integration of Web Data (2007)

Evaluating and Aggregating Data Believability across Quality Sub-Dimensions and Data Lineage (2007)

Measuring Data Believability: A Provenance Approach (2007)

Protecting the Force: Reducing Combat Vehicle Accidents via Improved Organizational Processes (2007)

Semantic Integration Approach to Efficient Business Data Supply Chain: Integration Approach to Interoperable XBRL (2007)

The House of Security: Stakeholder Perceptions of Security Assessment and Importance (2007)

Understanding Complexity: Dynamic Analysis of Combat Vehicle Accidents (2007)

Using Semantic Web Tools for Context Interchange (2007)

Using System Dynamics to Model and Better Understand State Stability (2007)

Application and Analysis of the Virtual Machine Approch to Information System Security and Reliability (1974)

Virtual Information in Data-Base Systems (1974)

An Approach to Information System Isolation and Security in a Shared Facility (1973)

Recent Technical Advances in the Computer Industry and Their Future Impact (1973)

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Office: E62-422
Tel: (617) 253-6671
Fax: (617) 258-7579
Support Staff
Name: Jocelyn Climent
Tel: (617) 258-5583

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General Expertise
Big data; China; Cloud computing; Cyber security; Data management; Digitization; Dodd-Frank Act; Enterprise information systems; Facebook; Financial information technology; Financial reporting; Global standards; Healthcare exchanges; Information technology; Intellectual property; Intellectual property; Internet security; Legacy information systems; Management of information technology; MOOCs; Singapore; Social media; Social networks; Social networks; Sociotechnical system; Sociotechnical system; Technology security; United Arab Emirates