Erik Brynjolfsson

Schussel Family Professor of Management Science
Professor of Information Technology
Director, The MIT Center for Digital Business

Biography | Selected Publications

Productivity Effects of Information Diffusion in Networks (2007)

Creating Value and Destroying Profits? Three Measures of Information Technology's Contributions (1994)

Does Information Technology Lead to Smaller Firms? (1993)

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Contact Information
Office: E62-414
Tel: (617) 253-4319
Fax: (617) 258-7579
Support Staff
Name: Susan Young
Tel: (617) 324-7328

Research Center(s)

General Expertise
Applied economics; Business intelligence; CEO compensation; Change management; Communication practices; Computers; Corporate strategy and policy; Digitization; Dot-com; Dot-com bubble bust; E-business; Economics; Economics of organizations; Economy; Electronic publishing; E-mail; Enterprise information systems; Extranets; File sharing; High technology companies; Incentives; Industrial economics; Information systems; Information technology; Information technology for management; Information technology, impact of; Information technology, social aspects; Internet; Knowledge management; Labor market policy; Macroeconomics; Management effectiveness, measuring; Managerial communication; Managerial economics; Microeconomics; Online media; Online shopping; Organizational change; Organizational communication; Pricing; Service industry; Social networks; Technology; Telecommuting; Wikipedia