Tauhid Zaman

KDD Career Development Professor in Communications and Technology
Assistant Professor of Operations Management

Biography | Selected Publications

"Rumor Centrality: A Universal Source Detector", D. Shah and T. Zaman, Sigmetrics (2012)

 "Information Extraction with Network Centralities: Finding Rumor Sources, Measuring Influence, and Learning Community Structure", T. Zaman, MIT PhD Thesis in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 2011

"Detecting Sources of Computer Viruses in Networks: Theory and Experiment", D. Shah and T. Zaman, Sigmetrics (2010)

"Semiconductor Waveguide Isolators," T. Zaman, X. Guo, and R.J. Ram, Journal of Lightwave Technology, 26 (2): 291-301 (2008)

"Faraday Rotation in an InP Waveguide," T. Zaman, X. Guo, and R. J. Ram, Applied Physics Letters, 90 (2007)

"Proposal for a Polarization Independent Integrated Optical Circulator," T. Zaman, X. Guo, and R. J. Ram, IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, 18 (12): 1359-1361 (2006)


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