Hazhir Rahmandad

Albert and Jeanne Clear Career Development Professor
Assistant Professor of System Dynamics

Biography | Selected Publications

Impact of growth opportunities and competition on dynamics of capability development (2012)

Joint Pricing and Openness Decisions in Software Markets with Reinforcing Loops (2012)

Reporting Guidelines for Simulation-based Research in Social Sciences (2012)

Development of an individual-based model for polioviruses: Implications of the selection of network type and outcome metrics (2011)

Factors influencing the risk of falls in construction industry: A review of evidence (2011)

Mapping the dynamics of overall equipment effectiveness to enhance asset management (2011)

Modeling the rework cycle: Capturing multiple defects per task (2010)

Optimizing highway maintenance operations: dynamic considerations (2010)

Dynamics of concurrent software development (2009)

Effects of feedback delay on learning (2009)

Effect of delays on complexity of organizational learning (2008)

Heterogeneity and network structure in the dynamics of diffusion: Comparing agent-based and differential equation models (2008)

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Contact Information
Office: E62-462
Tel: (617) 258-8912
Support Staff
Name: Jocelyn Climent
Tel: (617) 258-5583

General Expertise
Business process modeling; Competitive strategy; Competitive strategy; Data analysis; Decision making; Healthcare; Organizational change; Organizational learning; Social networks; Social networks; System dynamics