David Keith

Assistant Professor of System Dynamics

Biography | Selected Publications

"Parameter and Confidence Interval Estimation in Dynamic Models: Maximum Likelihood and Bootstrapping Methods." Struben, Jereon, John Sterman and David Keith. In Analytical Methods for Dynamic Modelers, edited by Hazhir Rahmandad, Rogelio Oliva and Nathaniel D. Osgood, 3-38. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press. (2015)

"Natural Gas Pathways and Alternative-Fuel Vehicle Diffusion in the US Automotive Fleet," Keith, D.R. International System Dynamics Conference, Delft, The Netherlands. (2014)

"Charging Choices and Fuel Displacement in a Large-Scale Demonstration of Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles," Zoepf, S., MacKenzie, D., Keith, D.R. and Chernicoff, W. Transportation Research Record, 2385, pp.1-10. (2013)

"Essays on the dynamics of alternative fuel vehicle adoption: insights from the market for hybrid-electric vehicles in the United States." Keith, D.R. Thesis, Engineering Systems Division, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. (2012)

"Understanding Spatiotemporal Patterns of Hybrid-Electric Vehicle Adoption in the United States," Keith, D.R., Sterman, J.D. and Struben, J.J.R. International System Dynamics Conference, St.Gallen, Switzerland. (2012)

"Understanding Innovation Diffusion in the Presence of Supply Constraints and Price Feedback: The Case of the Toyota Prius," Keith, D.R. Sterman, J.D. and Struben, J.J.R. International System Dynamics Conference, Washington, DC. (2011)


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Tel: (617) 258-5583

General Expertise
Alternative energy; Asia Pacific; Automotive industry; Clean energy; Consumer behavior; Drought; Electricity; Energy; Energy efficiency; Environment; Ethanol; Infrastructures; Natural gas; Nonlinear dynamics; Operations management; Simulation; Sociotechnical system; Strategy; Sustainability; System dynamics; Water