Robert Pindyck

Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi Ltd Professor in Finance and Economics 
Professor of Applied Economics

Biography | Selected Publications

Pindyck, Robert S. “Sunk Costs and Risk-Based Barriers to Entry,” NBER Working Paper No. 14755, Feb. 2009. 

The Economic and Policy Consequences of Catastrophes (2009)

Uncertain Outcomes and Climate Change Policy (2009)

Governance, Issuance Restrictions, and Competition in Payment Card Networks (2007)

Irreversibility, Uncertainty, and Investment (1990)

Alternative Regulatory Policies for Dealing with the Natural Gas Shortage (1973)

The Regulatory Police Implications of Three Alternative Supply Models of Natural Gas (1973)

An Econometric Policy Model of Natural Gas (1972)

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Name: Dagmar Trantinova
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General Expertise
Alternative energy; Antitrust; Applied economics; Applied microeconomics; Climate change; Climate policy; Derivatives; Energy; Energy economics; Energy efficiency; Energy finance; Environment; Environmental economics; Environmental policy; Gas; Global climate change; Global warming; Industrial economics; Industrial organization; Investment analysis; Investment policy; Managerial economics; Microeconomics; Natural gas; Optimal control; Optimization; Options; Options pricing valuation; Sustainability