Henry Weil

Senior Lecturer, Technological Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Strategic Management

Biography | Selected Publications

“Application of System Dynamics to Corporate Strategy: An Evolution of Issues and Frameworks," System Dynamics Review, Vol. 23, Issue 2-3, pp. 137-156, October 2007.

“Dynamics of Social Factors in Technological Substitution," (with B. Dattée), Technological Forecasting & Social Change, Vol. 74, June 2007, pp. 579-607.

“The Dynamics of Innovative Industries," (with J. M. Utterback), proceedings of the 23rd International Conference of the System Dynamics Society, Boston, July 2005.

“The Road from Dependency to Empowerment: The Destination is Worth the Journey" (with E. E. Weil), Sloan School of Management Working Paper #4102, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, August 1999; also in eBusiness Research@MIT, Volume 1, Issue 1, December 2001.

"Implementing New Educational Technology for the Military." Roberts, Edward B. and H. Weil. Naval War College Review Vol. 23, No. 8 (1971): 22-28.  (1971)

"A Systems Study of Policy Formulation in a Vertically Integrated Firm." Roberts, Edward B., Dan I. Abrams and Henry B. Weil. Management Science Vol. 14, No. 12 (1968): B674-B694.   (1968)


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General Expertise
Airlines; Alliances; Asia; Aviation; Banking; Bermuda; Business process modeling; Capital budgeting; China; Competition; Competition; Competitive strategy; Computer industry; Consumer behavior; Convergence; Corporate strategy and policy; Credit card industry; Customer relationships; Customer service; Data acquisition; Digitalization; Dot-com; eCommerce; Electronic media; Emerging businesses; Emerging markets; Energy; Entrepreneurial management; Ethanol; Europe; European Union (EU); Financial services; France; Globalization; Hong Kong; Industrial economics; Information technology; Innovation; International corporate strategy; International management; Internet telephony; Lead users; Management of technology; Marketing strategy; Media; Microeconomics; Mobile computing; New ventures; Nonlinear dynamics; Oil; Online banking; Online media; Pharmaceuticals; Pricing; Research and development; Retirement planning; Singapore; Startups / Start-ups; Strategic management; Strategic planning; System dynamics; Taiwan; Technological innovation; Technological strategy; Technological transfer; Trust-based marketing; Wi-Fi; Wireless communication