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Robert C. Merton (1970) Professor of Financial Economics, Emeritus
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“A Theory of Risk Capital,” Stewart C. Myers and James A. Read, Jr. Journal of Financial Economics, forthcoming

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“Regulating U.S. Railroads: The Effects of Sunk Costs and Asymmetric Risk,” Myers, S., with J. Hausman, Journal of Regulatory Economics, 22(3) November 2002, 287-310.

“Capital Structure,” Myers, S. Journal of Economic Perspectives, Vol. 15 No. 2, June 2001, 81-102

“Capital Allocation for Insurance Companies,” S. Myers, with J. A. Read, Jr., Journal of Risk and Insurance, 68(4), Dec. 2001.  (Lead article)  [Awards from the Casualty Actuarial Society and ACIA (Robert C. Witt Research award) for best paper published in the Journal of Risk and Insurance for 2002.]

“Outside Equity Financing,” Myers, S. Journal of Finance, Vol.55, No.3, June 2000. (Lead article)

“Testing Static Tradeoff vs. Pecking Order Theories of Capital Structure” Myers, S., with L. Shyam-Sunder, Journal of Financial Economics, 51(2) February 1999: 219–244.

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“Fischer Black’s Contributions to Corporate Finance,” Myers, S. Financial Management, Vol. 25, No. 4, Winter 1996. Also published in B.N. Lehmann, ed., The Legacy of Fischer Black, Oxford University Press, 2005.

“Measuring Pharmaceutical Industry Risk and the Cost of Capital,” Myers, S., with L. Shyam Sunder, in Competitive Strategies in the Pharmaceutical Industry, Robert B. Helms, ed., American Enterprise Institute, 1996.

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