Joseph Doyle

Erwin H. Schell Professor of Management
Professor of Applied Economics

Biography | Selected Publications

"Juvenile Incarceration, Human Capital and Future Crime: Evidence from Randomly-Assigned Judges." Aizer, Anna, and Joseph J. Doyle. Quarterly Journal of Economics. Forthcoming.

"Measuring Returns to Hospital Care: Evidence from Ambulance Referral Patterns." Doyle, Joseph J., John Graves, Jonathan Gruber, and Samuel Kleiner. Journal of Political Economy. Forthcoming.

"Causal Effects of Foster Care: An Instrumental-Variables Approach." Doyle, Joseph J. (July 2013). Children and Youth Services Review, 35(7): 1143-1151.

"Economics of Child Wellbeing." Aizer, Anna, and Joseph J. Doyle. In Ben-Arieh, Asher, Ferran Casas, Ivar Frønes, and Jill E. Korbin (eds.), Handbook of Child Well-Being. Theories, Methods and Policies in Global Perspective. Dorcrecht: Springer. 2013.

?"Juvenile Incarceration and Adult Outcomes: Evidence from Randomly-Assigned Judges" with Anna Aizer, 2013

"Do High-Cost Hospitals Deliver Better Care? Evidence from Ambulance Referral Patterns" with John Graves, Jonathan Gruber, and Samuel Kleine, (Working Paper) 2012

"After Midnight: A Regression Discontinuity Design in Length of Postpartum Hospital Stays." Almond, Douglas, and Joseph J. Doyle (August 2011). American Economic Journal: Economic Policy 3(3): 1-34.

"Returns to Local-Area Healthcare Spending: Using Health Shocks to Patients far from Home." Doyle, Joseph J. (July 2011). American Economic Journal: Applied Economics. 3(3): 221-243.

"The Role of Hospital Heterogeneity in Measuring Marginal Returns to Medial Care: A Reply to Barreca, Guldi, Lindo, and Waddell." Almond, Douglas, Joseph J. Doyle, Amanda Kowalski, and Heidi Williams (2011). Quarterly Journal of Economics, 126(4): 2125-2131. (2011)

"Returns to Physician Human Capital: Analyzing Patients Randomized to Physician Teams." Doyle, Joseph J., Steven M. Ewer, and Todd H. Wagner (December 2010). Journal of Health Economics, 29(6): 866-882.

"Evaluating the Effectiveness of Child Safety Seats and Seat Belts for Injury Prevention among 2-6 year olds in Motor Vehicle Crashes." Doyle, Joseph J., and Steven Levitt (July 2010). Economic Inquiry, 48(3): 521-536.

"Edgeworth Cycles Revisited." Doyle, Joseph J., Erich Muehlegger, and Krislert Samphantharak (May 2010). Energy Economics, 32(3): 651-660.

"Estimating Marginal Returns to Medical Care: Evidence from Low-Birthweight Infants." Almond, Douglas, Joseph J. Doyle, Amanda Kowalski, and Heidi Williams (May 2010). Quarterly Journal of Economics, 125(2): 591-634.

"Returns to Specialist Care: Evidence from Supply Shocks." Doyle, Joseph J. (May 2013). (2010)

Edgeworth Cycles Revisited (2010)

"?Estimating Marginal Returns to Medical Care: Evidence from Low-Birthweight Infants" with Douglas Almond, Amanda Kowalski, and Heidi Williams, Quarterly Journal of Eco- nomics, 125(2). May 2010: 591-634

Returns to Physician Human Capital: Analyzing Patients Randomized to Physician Teams (2010)

"Risky Business: Cutting Health Costs." Doyle, Joseph J. Boston Globe Op-Ed. October 11, 2009

"Child Protection and Adult Crime: Using Investigator Assignment to Estimate Causal Effects of Foster Care." Doyle, Joseph J. (August 2008). Journal of Political Economy, 116(4): 746-770.

"$2.00 Gas! Studying the Effects of Gas Tax Moratorium Across State Borders." Doyle, Joseph J., and Krislert Samphantharak (April 2008). Journal of Public Economics, 92(3-4): 869-884.

"Child Protection and Child Outcomes: Measuring the Effects of Foster Care." Doyle, Joseph J. (December 2007). American Economic Review, 97(5): 1583-1610.

"Can't Buy Me Love? Estimating the Effects of a Change in the Cost of Caring for Related Children." Doyle, Joseph J. (February 2007). Journal of Public Economics, 91: 281-304.

"The Market for Foster Care: An Empirical Study of the Impact of Foster Care Subsidies." Doyle, Joseph J., and H. Elizabeth Peters (December 2007). Review of Economics of the Household, 5(4): 329-351.

"Health Insurance, Treatment, and Outcomes: Using Auto Accidents as Health Shocks." Doyle, Joseph J. (May 2005). Review of Economics and Statistics, 87(2): 256-270.

"A Way to Help on Health Insurance." Doyle, Joseph J. Washington Post Op-Ed. October 29, 2004

"Does Lifeline Banking Assist the Unbanked?" Doyle, Joseph J., Jose A. Lopez, and Marc R. Saidenberg (June 1998). Current Issues in Economics and Finance (FRBNY), 40(4).

"London's Size and Diversity: The Advantage in a Competitive World." Bancroft, Peter, Joseph J. Doyle, Stephen Glaister, David Kennedy, and Tony Travers (January 1996). London: Corporation of London.


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