Ross Watts

Professor of Accounting, Emeritus

Biography | Selected Publications

Estimation and Empirical Properties of a Firm-Year Measure of Conservatism (2009)

Asymmetric Timeliness of Earnings, Market-To-Book and Conservatism in Financial Reporting, 2007 Journal of Accounting and Economics 44(1-2), 2-31, 2007

Contemporary Accounting Research: Synthesis and Critique. Kothari, S.P., Thomas Z. Lys, Douglas J. Skinner, Ross L. Watts and Jerold L. Zimmerman (Eds.). Amsterdam, Netherlands: North-Holland Publishing, 2002.

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General Expertise
Accounting; Accounting standards; Activity Based Management (ABM); Asia Pacific; Auditing; Canada; Capital budgeting; Contracting; Corporate disclosure practices; Corporate finance; Corporate governance; Corporate governance; Corporate governance; Debt contracts; Dividend policy; Earnings management; Earnings manipulation; Financial reporting; Financial statement analysis; Hong Kong; Management control; Managerial accounting; New Zealand; Statement analysis; Taiwan; United Kingdom; United States