Cynthia Rudin

Associate Professor of Statistics

Biography | Selected Publications

Finding Patterns with a Rotten Core: Data Mining for Crime Series with Core Sets (2014)

Modeling Recovery Curves With Application to Prostatectomy (2014)

An Interpretable Stroke Prediction Model using Rules and Bayesian Analysis (2013)

Learning Theory Analysis for Association Rules and Sequential Event Prediction (2013)

Machine Learning with Operational Costs (2013)

Reactive Point Processes: A New Approach to Predicting Power Failures in Underground Electrical Systems (2013)

Sequential Event Prediction. Machine Learning (2013)

The Big Data Newsvendor: Practical Insights from Machine Learning Analysis (2013)

The Rate of Convergence of AdaBoost (2013)

Hierarchical Models for Association Rule Mining: A New Approach for Adverse Event Prediction in Clinical Trials (2012)

Machine Learning for the New York City Power Grid (2012)

Reverse-Engineering Quality Ratings (2012)

21st-Century Data Miners Meet 19th-Century Electrical Cables (2011)

On Equivalence Relationships Between Classi?cation and Ranking Al-gorithms (2011)

A Discrete Optimization Approach to Supervised Ranking (2010)

A process for Predicting Manhole Events in Manhattan (2010)

Margin-Based Ranking and an Equivalence Between AdaBoost and RankBoost (2009)

The P-Norm Push: A Simple Convex Ranking Algorithm that Concentrates at the Top of the List (2009)

Analysis of Boosting Algorithms Using the Smooth Margin Function (2007)


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Algorithms; Algorithms; Algorithms; Analytics; Applied math; Artificial intelligence; Artificial intelligence; Bayesian statistics; Big data; Business intelligence; Business intelligence; Data analysis; Data analytics; Data mining; Data mining; Data mining; Data mining; Decision making; Decision support; Electricity; Machine learning; Medical decision making; Predictive analytics; Predictive analytics; Probability; Sports analytics; Statistics; Statistics