Paul Asquith

Gordon Y Billard Professor of Finance
Professor of Finance

Biography | Selected Publications

"Performance Pricing in Debt Contracts." Asquith, Paul, Anne Beatty, and Joseph Weber (December 2005). Journal of Accounting and Economics, 40(1-3): 101-128.

"Short Interest, Institutional Ownership, and Stock Returns." Asquith, Paul, Parag Pathak, and Jay Ritter (November 2005). Journal of Financial Economics, 78: 243-276. 

"Convertible Bonds Are Not Called Late." Asquith, Paul (September 2009). Journal of Finance, 50(4): 1275-1289 (1995)

"Anatomy of Financial Distress: An Examination of Junk-Bond Issuers.” Asquith, Paul, Robert Gertner, and David Scharfstein (August 1994). Quarterly Journal of Economics, 109(3): 625-658. 

"Convertible Debt: Corporate Call Policy, and Voluntary Conversion." Asquith, Paul, and David W. Mullins, Jr. (September 1991). Journal of Finance, 46(4): 1273-1289.

"Event Risk, Wealth Redistribution, Bond Covenants, and the Return to Existing Bondholders in Corporate Buyouts." Asquith, Paul, and Thierry Wizman (September 1990). Journal of Financial Economics.

Event Risk, Covenants, and Bondholder Returns in Leveraged Buyouts (1990)

"Original Issue High Yield Bonds: Aging Analyses of Defaults, Exchanges, and Calls." Asquith, Paul, David W. Mullins, Jr., and Eric Wolff (September 1989). Journal of Finance, 44(4): 923-952. 

"Earnings and Stock Splits." Asquith, Paul, Paul Healy, and Krishna Palepu (July 1989). Accounting Review, 64(3): 387-403. 

"Merger Returns and the Form of Financing." Asquith, Paul, Robert F. Bruner, and David W. Mullins, Jr. Proceedings: CRSP Seminar on the Analysis of Security Prices, May 1987

"Equity Issues and Offering Dilution." Asquith, Paul, and David W. Mullins, Jr. Journal of Financial Economics, 15: 61-89. Reprinted in Edwards, Franks, Mayer, and Schafer, January 1, 2015 4 Recent Developments in Corporate Finance.  (1986)

“Signalling with Dividends, Stock Repurchases, and Equity Issues." Asquith, Paul, and David W. Mullins, Jr (Autumn 1986). Financial Management, 15(3). 

"Changes in Dividend Policy and Stock Trading Volume." Asquith, Paul, and William Krasker (1985). Proceedings: CRSP Seminar on the Analysis of Security Prices. (1985)

"The Gains to Bidding Firms from Merger." Asquith, Paul, R. Bruner and David.W. Mullins, Jr (April 1983). Journal of Financial Economics, 11(1-4): 121-139.

"Mergers Bids, Market Uncertainty and Stockholder Returns." Asquith, Paul (1983). Journal of Financial Economics, 11(1-4): 51-83. (1983)

"The Impact of Mergers on the Welfare of the Participating Securityholders." Asquith, Paul, and E. Han Kim (1982). Journal of Finance. (1982)


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