Georgia Perakis

William F. Pounds Professor of Management
Professor of Operations Research and Operations Management
Co-Director of Leaders for Global Operations Program

Biography | Selected Publications

Price of Anarchy in Supply Chains with Partial Positive Externalities (2012)

On the efficiency of price competition (2011)

A Comparison of Bertrand and Cournot Profits in Oligopolies with Differentiated Products (2010)

A Nonnegative Extension of the Affine Demand Function and Equilibrium Analysis for Multiproduct Price Competition (2010)

Alleviating Travel Delay Uncertainties in Traffic Assignment and Traffic Equilibrium (2010)

Congestion Pricing for Airport Efficiency (2010)

Consumer Choice Model for Forecasting Demand and Designing Subsidies for Solar Technology (2010)

Dynamic Pricing and Inventory Control with no Backorders; Uncertainty and Competition (2010)

Efficient Formulations for Constrained Pricing under Attraction Demand Models (2010)

Generalized quantity competition for multiple products and loss of efficiency (2010)

Loss of Coordination in a Competitive Supply Chain with Endogenous Pricing (2010)

Price of Anarchy and its Applications (2010)

"Robust Controls for Network Revenue Management," Perakis, Georgia, G. Roels, MSOM, 12 (1), 56-76, 2010.

The Data-Driven Newsvendor Problem: New Bounds and Insights (2010)

Tractable markdown optimization under uncertainty (2010)

"A Dynamic Travel Time Models for Spillback," Perakis, Georgia, S. Kachani, Networks and Spatial Economics,9 (4), 595-618, November 2009.

"Optimal Bidding in Online Auctions," Perakis, Georgia, D. Bertsimas and J. Hawkins, Journal of RevenueManagement and Pricing, 2009.

"Profit Loss in Differentiated Oligopolies" Perakis Georgia,  A. Farahat, Operations Research Letters, 37 (1), p.43-46, 2009.

"Multi-period Models with Capacities in Competitive Supply Chain," Perakis Georgia, M. Zaretsky, POMSJournal, Vol. 17, No. 4, July - August 2008. (2008)

"A Nonlinear Fluid Model of Dynamic Pricing and Inventory Control with no Backorders," Perakis Georgia, E.Adida, Naval Research Logistics, Vol. 54, No. 7, pp. 767 - 795, September 2007.

"The Price of Anarchy in Supply Chains; Quantifying the Efficiency of Price-Only Contracts" Perakis, Georgia,G. Roels, Management Science, Vol. 53, No. 8, pp. 1249-1268. August 2007.

"The Price of Anarchy when Costs are Non-separable and Asymmetric," Perakis, Georgia, Mathematics of OperationsResearch, Vol. 32, pp. 614-628, 2007.

"A robust SQP method for mathematical programs with linear complementarity constraints," Perakis, Georgia, S.Jie and X. Liu, Journal of Computational Optimization and Applications, Vol. 34, pp. 5-33, 2006.

"An Analytical Model for Traffic Delays and the Dynamic User-Equilibrium Problem," Perakis, Georgia, G.Roels, Operations Research, Vol. 54, No. 6, pp. 1151-1171. November-December 2006.

"Competitive Multi-period Pricing for Perishable Products: A Robust Optimization Approach," Perakis, Georgia,A. Sood, Mathematical Programming, Vol. 107, No 1-2, pp. 295-335, June 2006.

"Fluid Dynamics Models and their Applications in Transportation and Pricing," Perakis, Georgia, S. Kachani,European Journal of Operations Research, Vol. 170, No. 1, pp. 496-517, 2006.

"Solving Asymmetric Variational Inequalities via Convex Optimization" Perakis, Georgia, M. Aghassi and D.Bertsimas, Operations Research Letters, Vol. 34, No. 5, pp. 481-490, September 2006.

"Solving variational inequality and fixed point problems by line searches and potential optimization," Perakis, Georgia, T.L. Magnanti, Mathematical Programming,, Volume 101, Number 3, 435 – 461, 2004.

"The “Price of Anarchy” when Costs are Non-separable and Asymmetric," Integer Programmingand Combinatorial Optimization, Lecture Series in Computer Science, editors D. Bienstock and G.Nemhauser, pp. 46-58, 2004.

"Computing fixed points by averaging," Perakis, Georgia, T.L. Magnanti, Transportation and Network Analysis– Current Trends, editors P. Marcotte, M. Gendreau, Chapter 12, 181-198, 2001.

"A new algebraic geometry integer programming algorithm," Perakis, Georgia, D. Bertsimas and S. Tayur,Management Science, 46, 7, 999-1008, 2000.

"Averaging schemes for variational inequalities and systems of equations." Magnanti, Thomas L., and Geogia Perakis (1997). Mathematics of Operations Research, 22(3): 568-587. (1997)

"The orthogonality theorem and the strong-f-monotonicity condition for variational inequality algorithms." Magnanti, Thomas L., and Georgia Perakis (1997). SIAM Journal on Optimization, 7(1): 248-273. ‚Äč (1997)

"A unifying geometric solution framework and complexity analysis for variational inequalities."Perakis, Georgia, and Thomas L. Magnanti (1995). Mathematical Programming, 71(3): 327-352. (1995)

Geometric, interior point and classical methods for solving finite dimensional variational inequalityproblems, (Ph.D thesis), Brown University, 1993.

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Big data; Electricity; Inventory; Logistics; Mathematical programming; Mathematical programming; Online shopping; Operations management; Operations research; Optimal control; Optimization; Pricing; Pricing; Retail; Revenue management; Sampling; Service industry; Social networks; Social networks; Statistics; Subsidies; Supply chain management; Sustainability; United Kingdom; United States