Lori Breslow

Senior Lecturer, Managerial Communication

Biography | Selected Publications

"Lessons Learned: Findings from MIT Initiatives in Educational Technology (2000-2005)," Journal of Science Education and Technology, 16(2007):283-297. (2007)

"Problems, Pitfalls, and Surprises in Teaching," in Strategies for Teaching Assistant and International Teaching Assistant Development, C. Ross and J. Dunphy, eds. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2007.

“Intellectual Curiosity: A Catalyst for the Scholarships of Teaching and Learning and Educational Development,” in Exploring Academic Development in Higher Education: Issues of Engagement, L. Elvidge, ed. Cambridge, U.K.: Jill Rogers Associates Limited, 2004.

“Strategic Assessment at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology,” e-Technologies in Engineering Education conference, Davos, Switzerland, 2002, and published online at http://www.coe.gatech.edu/eTEE

“Educating the Larger Life,” in The Reflective Spin: Case Studies of Teachers in Higher Education Tranforming Action, ed. Ai-Yen Chen and John Van Maanen. Singapore: World Scientific, 1999.


Contact Information
Office: 5-122
Tel: (617) 253-3780
Fax: (617) 258-8792
E-mail: lrb@mit.edu
Support Staff
Name: Michelle Fiorenza
Tel: (617) 253-9455

General Expertise
Business education; Communication; Communication practices; Cross-cultural awareness; Cultural differences; International communication; Managerial communication; Writing and presentation skills