Andrew Lo

Charles E. and Susan T. Harris Professor
Professor of Finance
Director, Laboratory for Financial Engineering

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"Unintended Consequences of Expensive Cancer Therapeutics—The Pursuit of Marginal Indications and a Me-Too Mentality That Stifles Innovation and Creativity." Fojo, Tito, Sham Mailankody, and Andrew W. Lo. JAMA Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg, 140(12): 1225-1236.  (2014)

"Parallel Discovery of Alzheimer's Therapeutics." Lo, Andrew W., Carole Ho, Jayna Cummings, and Kenneth S. Kosik (June 2014). Science Translational Medicine, 241(6): 241cm5.

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"Financial Orphan Therapies Looking For Adoption." Sukhatme, Vikas, Kathy Fang, Andrew Lo, and Vidula Sukhatme. Health Affairs Blog, March 6, 2014

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"Learning Connections in Financial Time Series." Gartheeban Ganeshapillai, John Guttag, and Andrew W. Lo (2013). Proceedings of the 30th International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML-13) 30, 109-117. (2013)

"Moore's Law vs. Murphy's Law: Algorithmic Trading and Its Discontents." Kirilenko, Andrei A., and Andrew W. Lo (Spring 2013). Journal of Economic Perspectives 27(2): 51–72

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"What Post-Crisis Changes Does the Economics Discipline Need? Beware of Theory Envy!" Lo, Andrew W. In Coyle, Diane (ed.), What's the Use of Economics: Teaching the Dismal Science After the Crisis. London, UK: London Publishing Partnership, 2012

"Commercializing Biomedical Research Through Securitization Techniques." Fernandez, Jose-Maria, Roger M. Stein, and Andrew W. Lo (September 2012). Nature Biotechnology, 30(10): 964-975.

"Econometric Measures of Connectedness and Systemic Risk in the Finance and Insurance Sectors." Billio, Monica, Mila Getmansky, Andrew W. Lo, and Loriana Pelizzon (June 2012). Journal of Financial Economics 104(3), 535-559.

"Estimating the NIH Efficient Frontier." Bisias, Dimitrios, Andrew W. Lo, and Jamie Watkins (May 2012). PLoS ONE, 7(5).

"Adaptive Markets and the New World Order." Lo, Andrew W. (May 2012). Financial Analysts Journal, 68(2): 18-29

"Do Labyrinthine Legal Limits on Leverage Lessen the Likelihood of Losses?" Lo, Andrew W., and Thomas J. Brennan (May 2012). Texas Law Review 90(7): 1775-1810.

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Measuring Systemic Risk in the Finance and Insurance Sectors. Monica Billio, Mila Getmansky, Andrew W. Lo, and Loriana Pelizzon, Working Paper (2011)

The Evolution of Technical Analysis: Financial Prediction from Babylonian Tablets to Bloomberg Terminals. Lo, Andrew W., and Jasmina Hasanhodzic. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2010.

The Heretics of Finance. Lo, Andrew W., and Jasmina Hasanhodzic. New York, NY: Bloomberg Press. 2009

Hedge Funds: An Analytic Perspective. Lo, Andrew W. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 2008

"Do Hedge Funds Increase Systemic Risk?" Chan, Nicholas, Mila Getmansky, Shane M. Haas, and Andrew W. Lo (2006). Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta Economic Review, 91(4): 49–80.   (2006)

"Marketable Alternatives." Lo, Andrew W. Commonfund Quarterly, Fall 2002.  

"A Non-Random Walk Down Wall Street: Recent Advances in Financial Technology." Lo, Andrew W. (September 1997). Research Dialogues 52, TIAA-CREF. 

The Econometrics of Financial Markets. Campbell, John Y., Andrew W. Lo, and A. Craig MacKinlay. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1997.

The Industrial Organization and Regulation of the Securities Industry (National Bureau of Economic Research Conference Report). Lo, Andrew W. (ed.). Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press, 1995.

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