Dimitris Bertsimas

Boeing Leaders for Global Operations Professor of Management
Professor of Operations Research
Co-Director, Operations Research Center

Biography | Selected Publications

An Accelerated First-Order Method for Solving Unconstrained SOS Polynomial Optimization Problems.” Bertsimas, Dimitris, Robert M. Freund, and Xu Andy Sun (2013). Optimization Methods and Software 28(3): 424-441. (2013)

Introduction to Linear Optimization. Bertsimas, Dimitris, and John N. Tsitsiklis. Dynamic Ideas and Athena Scientific, Belmont, Massachusetts, 2008.

Optimization over Integers. Bertsimas, Dimitris, and Robert Weismantel. Dynamic Ideas, Belmont, Massachussetts, 2005.

Data, Models, and Decisions: The Fundamentals of Management Science. Bertsimas, Dimitris, and Robert Freund. Belmont, MA: Dynamic Ideas, LLC, 2004.

On The Relation Between Option and Stock Prices: A Convex Optimization Approach (1999)

“Branching bandits and Klimov’s problem: achievable region and side constraints.” Bertsimas, Dimitris, Ioannis Paschalidis, and John N. Tsitsiklis (1995). IEEE Automatic Control, 40(12) 2063-2075. (1995)

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“Deducing queueing from transactional data: the queue inference engine, revisited." Bertsimas, Dimitris, and L.D. Servi (1992). Operations Research, 40, S217-S228. (1992)

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“A stochastic and dynamic vehicle routing problem in the Euclidean plane.” Bertsimas, Dimitris, and Garrett Van Ryzin (1991). Operations Research, 39, 4, 601-615, 1991.

On Central Limit Theorems in Geometrical Probability (1991)

“Probabilistic analysis of the Held and Karp lower bound for the Euclidean traveling salesman problem.” Bertsimas, Dimitris, and Michel Goemans (1991). Mathematics of Operations Research, 16(1): 72-89.  (1991)

"Transient and busy period analysis of the GI/G/1 queue as a Hilbert factorization problem." Bertsimas, Dimitris, Julian Keilson, Daisuke Nakazato, and Hongtao Zhang (1991). Journal of Applied Probability, 28, 873-885. (1991)

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“On the steady-state solution of the M/C2(a, b)/s queueing system.” Bertsimas, Dimitris, and Xenophon Papaconstantinou (1988). Transportation Science, 22(2): 125-138. (1988)


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