Deborah Lucas

Sloan Distinguished Professor of Finance

Biography | Selected Publications

“Is Mark-to-Market Accounting Destabilizing? Analysis and Implications for Policy" (with John Heaton and Robert McDonald), Journal of Monetary Economics. (2010)

“How Should Public Pension Plans Invest?" (with Stephen Zeldes), American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings (2009)

“Valuing Government Guarantees: Fannie and Freddie Revisited" (with Robert McDonald), in Measuring and Managing Federal Financial Risk, edited by D. Lucas. (2009)

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Office: E62-640
Tel: (617) 715-4816
Support Staff
Name: Maryam Mirza-Alivandi
Tel: (617) 253-9745

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General Expertise
Fannie Mae; federal budget; federal credit programs; Fiscal policies; Freddie Mac; Governmental financial institutions; Retirement finance; Social Security; student loans