Deborah Lucas

Sloan Distinguished Professor of Finance

Biography | Selected Publications

“Is Mark-to-Market Accounting Destabilizing? Analysis and Implications for Policy.” Heaton, John, Deborah J. Lucas, and Robert L. McDonald (January 2010). Journal of Monetary Economics, 57(1): 64-75. 

“How Should Public Pension Plans Invest?" Lucas, Deborah J., and Stephen Zeldes (May 2009). American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings, 99(2): 527-532. 

“Valuing Government Guarantees: Fannie and Freddie Revisited" (with Robert McDonald), in Measuring and Managing Federal Financial Risk, edited by D. Lucas. (2009)

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Office: E62-640
Tel: (617) 715-4816
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Name: Maryam Mirza-Alivandi
Tel: (617) 253-9745

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General Expertise
Fannie Mae; federal budget; federal credit programs; Fiscal policies; Freddie Mac; Governmental financial institutions; Retirement finance; Social Security; student loans