John Carroll

Gordon Kaufman Professor of Management
Professor of Organization Studies and Engineering Systems

Biography | Selected Publications

"Dynamic modeling as a multidicipline collaborative journey." Morrison, J. B., Rudolph, J. W., & Carroll, J. S. System Dynamics Review, 2013, 29, 4-25.

Dueling Stakeholders and Dual-Hatted Systems Engineers: Engineering Challenges, Capabilities and Skills in Government Infrastructure Technology Projects (2010)

Dueling stakeholders and dual-hatted systems engineers: Engineering challenges, capabilities and skills in government infrastructure technology projects (2010)

Organizational Errors: Directions for Future Research. (2010)

Relational Space: The Heart of Sustainability Collaborations (2010)

The gift of failure: New approaches to analyzing and learning from events and near-misses – Honoring the contributions of Bernhard Wilpert. (2010)

Organizational Learning Activities In High-hazard Industries: The Logics Underlying Self-analysis. (1998)

"Playing the Maintenance Game: How Mental Models Drive Organizational Decisions" Debating Rationality: Nonrational Aspects of Organizational Decision Making (1998)

Safety Culture As An Ongoing Process: Culture Surveys As Opportunities For Enquiry And Change (1998)

Incident Reviews in High-hazard Industries: Sensemaking and Learning Under Ambiguity and Accountability (1995)

"A Primer on Decision Making: How Decisions Happen" - Review (1994)

"How Expectations About Microcomputers Influence Their Organizational Consequences" Information Technology and the Corporation of the 1990s (1994)

Managing and Organizing for Safety in Nuclear Power Plants: How Plants Fail to Discover and Fix Problems (1994)

"Understanding Judges' Sentencing Decisions: Attributions of Responsibility and Story Construction" Applications of Heuristics and Biases to Social Issues (1994)

"Out of the Lab and Into the Field: Decision Making in Organizations" Social Psychology in Organizations (1993)

Analyzing Cognitive Errors Using a Dynamic Crew-simulation Model (1992)

"Decision making: "Neat" or "Messy"?" Judgment and Decision Making (1992)

"How Taxpayers Think About Their Taxes: Frames and Values" Why People Pay Taxes: Tax Compliance and Enforcement (1992)

Mental Models And Learning From Experience In Nuclear Power Plants (1992)

"Negotiating Rationally" - Review (1992)

"Taxation: Compliance with Federal Personal Income Tax Laws" Handbook of Psychology and Law (1992)

An Evaluation of Learning in the Bilateral Winner's Curse (1991)

"An Information Processing Approach to Two Party Negotiation" Handbook of Negotiation Research: Research on Negotiation in Organizations Vol. 3 (1991)

Consent To Mental Health Treatment: A theoretical Analysis of coercion, Freedom and Control (1991)

On the Effectiveness of Voir Dire in Criminal Cases With Prejudicial Pretrial Publicity: An Empirical Study (1991)

"Process-tracing Techniques in Legal Psychology" Perspectives in Legal Psychology (1991)

Applied Social Psychology and Organizational Settings (1990)

Decision Research: A Field Guide (1990)

Evaluation and prediction in expert parole decisions. (1990)

Pretrial Publicity, Judicial Remedies, and Jury Bias (1990)

Tactical behavior and negotiation outcomes (1990)

"A Cognitive-Process Analysis of Taxpayer Compliance" Taxpayer Compliance, Vol. 2: Social Science Perspectives (1989)

"Zuschreibung von Verantwortung und Rekonstruktion von Sachverhalten in der Strafzumessung (Attributions of Responsibility and Story Construction in Sentencing)" Strafzumessung: Empirische Forschung und Strafrechtsdogmatik im Dialog. (1989)

Negotiation Cognition: A Descriptive Approach To Negotiators' Understanding Of Their Opponents (1988)

Compliance With The Law: A Decision Making Approach To Taxpaying. (1987)

"Negotiator cognition" Research in Organizational Behavior (1987)

Sentencing Goals, Causal Attributions, Ideology, And Personality (1987)

Crime Perceptions In A Natural Setting By Expert And Novice Shoplifters (1986)

"Shoplifters' perceptions of crime opportunities: A process-tracing study" The Reasoning Criminal (1986)

Probation officers' Schemas Of Offenders: Content, Development, And Impact On Treatment Decisions (1985)

"Sentencing Guidelines" Psychology, Psychiatry and the Law: A Clinical and Forensic Handbook (1985)

"Conditional Release On Probation And Parole: Implications For Provision Of Mental Health Services" Mental Health and Criminal Justice (1984)

Similarity And Attraction In Homosexual Males: The Effects Of Age And Masculinity-Femininity (1984)

Voluntary Sentencing Guidelines: Prescription For Justice Or Patent Medicine? (1983)

"Attribution Theory" Social Psychology (1982)

Attributional Dimensions And Schemes In Expert Parole Decisions (1982)

Evaluation, Diagnosis, And Prediction In Parole Decision Making (1982)

Foundations of Information Integration Theory (1982)

Foundations of Information Integration Theory - Review (1982)

Internships And Practical As Components Of Social Psychology Graduate Training Programs (1982)

"Social Cognition In Court And Beyond" Cognitive Social Psychology (1982)

" What Is This Thing Called Applied Social Psychology"?" Progress in Applied Social Psychology, Vol. 1 Contemporary Psychology (1982)

"Committing A Crime: The Offender's Decision" Social-Psychological Analysis Of Legal Processes (1981)

"Sentencing By Parole Board: The Parole Revocation Decision" Perspectives in Law and Psychology. Vol. II: The Jury, Trial, and Judicial Processes (1981)

"An Appetizing Look At Law And Psychology" Social Psychology and Discretionary Law (1980)

"Analyzing Decision Behavior: The Magician's Audience" Cognitive Processes in Choice and Decision Behavior (1980)

"Judgments of recidivism risk: Can clinical strategies employ baserate information?" New Directions in Psychological Research (1980)

"Parole Decisions: Social Psychological Research In Applied Settings" Applied Social Psychology Annual (1980)

Phase I Assessment of Shoplifting and Employee Theft Programs: Field Feasibility Assessment of New Measurement Strategies (1980)

The Organization Of Knowledge About People And Their Attributes In Long-term Memory (1980)

"Assessing The Application Of Attribution Theory To Social Problems" New Approaches to Social Problems: Applications of Attribution Theory (1979)

"Judgments Made By Parole Boards" New Approaches To Social Problems: Applications Of Attribution Theory (1979)

New Approaches to Social Problems: Applications of Attribution Theory (1979)

A Psychological Approach To Deterrence: The Evaluation Of Crime Opportunities (1978)

Attributions in the Criminal Justice System (1978)

Causal Attributions In Expert Parole Decisions (1978)

Causal Theories Of Crime And Their Effect Upon Expert Parole Decisions (1978)

Exploring Predecisional Behavior: An Alternative Approach To Decision Research (1978)

The Effect Of Imagining An Event On Expectations For The Event: An Interpretation In Terms Of The Availability Heuristic (1978)

Crime seriousness, recidivism risk, and causal attributions in judgments of prison term by students and experts (1977)

"Judgments about crime and the criminal: A model and a method for investigating parole decisions" Perspectives in Law and Psychology, Vol. I: Criminal Justice System (1977)

Judgments of recidivism risk: Conflicts between clinical strategies and base-rate information (1977)

Strategies for the use of base-rate information (1977)

Cognition and Social Behavior (1976)

The Psychology Of The Parole Decision Process" Cognition And Social Behavior (1976)

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Action learning; Air safety; Change management; Distributed leadership; Experimental design; Health management; Healthcare; Leadership; Leadership; Managerial change; Managing change; Managing change; Medical decision making; Organizational behavior; Organizational change; Organizational culture; Organizational learning; Organizational psychology; Organizational studies; Organizations; Social psychology; Sociotechnical system; Teams