Joshua Ackerman

Class of 1957 Career Development Professor
Assistant Professor of Marketing

Biography | Selected Publications

“The Financial Consequences of Too Many Men: Sex Ratio Effects on Saving, Borrowing, and Spending,” Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. (forthcoming)

“Fundamental Motives and Business Decisions,” in G. Saad (Ed.) Evolutionary Psychology in the Business Sciences. Springer. (2011)

“Let’s Get Serious: Communicating Commitment in Romantic Relationship Formation,” Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. (2011)

“Why We Buy: Evolution and Consumer Behavior,” in S. C. Roberts (Ed.) Applied Evolutionary Psychology, Oxford University Press. (2011)

“Incidental haptic sensations influence social judgments and decisions,” Science. (2010)

"Infection breeds reticence: The effects of disease salience on self-perceptions of personality and behavioral avoidance tendencies," Psychological Science. (2009)

“You Wear Me Out: The Vicarious Depletion of Self-Control,” Psychological Science, 20, 326-332. (2009)

“The Costs of Benefits: Help-Refusals Highlight Key Trade-Offs of Social Life,” Personality and Social Psychology Review, 12, 118-140. (2008)

“Is Friendship Akin to Kinship?” Evolution & Human Behavior, 28, 365-374. (2007)


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