Juanjuan Zhang

Epoch Foundation Professor of International Management
Professor of Marketing

Biography | Selected Publications

"Asymmetric Pricing Policies in Chain Store Competition." Guo, Liang and Juanjuan Zhang, MIT Sloan Working Paper 5108-12. January 2015.

"Tweeting Increases Product Demand."  Gong, Shiyang, Juanjuan Zhang, Ping Zhao and Xuping Jiang, MIT Sloan Working Paper 5106-14. January 2015.

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"Policy and Inference: The Case of Product Labeling." Zhang, Juanjuan, MIT Sloan Working Paper 5107-13. September 2014.

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"Asymmetric Pricing Policies in Chain Store Competition." Guo, Liang and Juanjuan Zhang. Marketing Science. Revise and Resubmit


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General Expertise
Applied economics; Asia; Channel Management; Competitive strategy; Crowdfunding; Customer Relationship Management (CRM); Emerging markets; Innovation management; Marketing Strategy; Product management; Sales force management; Social influence; Social media; Web-based marketing