Juanjuan Zhang

Associate Professor of Marketing

Biography | Selected Publications

"Learning from Experience, Simply," Marketing Science, Juanjuan Zhang, Song Lin, John Hauser forthcoming (2015)

"Why Do Sales People Spend So Much Time Lobbying for Low Prices?," Marketing Science, Juanjuan Zhang, Duncan Simester - forthcoming (2015)

"Tweets and Sales," S. Gong, J. Zhang, P. Zhao, and X. Jiang. Working Paper (2014)

Deadlines in Product Development Management Science, minor revision (2014)

"Policy and Inference: The Case of Product Labeling." Working Paper (2013)

"(De)marketing to Manage Consumer Quality Inferences," Journal of Marketing Research, Juanjuan Zhang, Jeanine Miklós-Thal, 50(1), 55-69. Media coverage: Knowledge@WhartonCarta de Noticias (2013)

"Days on Market and Home SalesRAND Journal of Economics, Juanjuan Zhang, Catherine Tucker, Ting Zhu, 44(2), 337-360 (2013)

Asymmetric Pricing Policies in Chain Store Competition (with Liang Guo) Marketing Science, revise & resubmit (2012)

"Consumer Deliberation and Product Line Design," Marketing Science, Juanjuan Zhang, Liang Guo, 31(6), 995-1007 (2012)

"Observational Learning: The Sound of Silence"Encyclopedia of the Sciences of Learning, Norbert M. Seel (Ed.), Springer. Book available at MIT Libraries.

"Rational Herding in Microloan Markets," Management Science, Juanjuan Zhang, Peng Liu, 58(5), 892-912.Online Appendix Media coverage: ForbesFinancial TimesBoston HeraldFederal Reserve Bank of Boston (2012)

"How Does Popularity Information Affect Choices? A Field Experiment," Management Science, Juanjuan Zhang, Catherine Tucker, 57(5), 828-842 Online Appendix (2011)

"Growing Two-Sided Networks by Advertising the User Base: A Field Experiment," Marketing Science, Juanjuan Zhang, Catherine Tucker, 29 (5) 805-814  (2010)

"The Perils of Behavior-Based Personalization," Marketing Science, Juanjuan Zhang, 30(1), 170-186. Finalist, 2011 John D. C. Little Award (2010)

"The Sound of Silence: Observational Learning in the U.S. Kidney Market," Marketing Science, Juanjuan Zhang, 29 (2) 315-335. Media coverage: Slate Winner, 2010 Frank M. Bass Award Finalist, 2010 John D. C. Little Award

"Why Are Bad Products So Hard to Kill?," Management Science, Juanjuan Zhang, Duncan Simester, 56(7), 1161-1179 (2010)

Designing Pricing Contracts for Boundedly Rational Customers: Does the Framing of the Fixed Fee Matter?," Management Science, Juanjuan Zhang, Teck-Hua Ho, 54(4), 686-700 (2008)

"How does popularity information affect choices? A field experiment." Working Paper (2007)


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General Expertise
Channel Management; Competitive strategy; Customer Relationship Management; Information and Incentives; Marketing; Marketing Strategy; Product Development; Social influence; Social Networks