Renee Gosline

Zenon Zannetos (1955) Career Development Professor
Assistant Professor of Marketing

Biography | Selected Publications

“Brand Contamination or Validation?: The Impact of Counterfeiting on Luxury Brands,” a chapter in The Luxury Economy and Intellectual Property: Critical Reflections, forthcoming (2014)

“From Stranger to Friendship: Building Consumer-Brand Relationships in Social Media,” book chapter in Brand Relationships, forthcoming (2014)

“Victims, Heroes, and Changing Times: How Media Portrayals Affect Attitudes about Gay People and Gay Rights,” Goldman, S., Egan, P., and Gosline, R. American Political Science Association (2012)

"Simultaneous Distinction, Democratization and Omnivorousness Effects: A Longitudinal Analysis of Dynamic Symbolic Boundaries in Counterfeit Consumption Networks," conditionally accepted in Journal of Consumer Research (2011)

“With Strangers like These, Who Needs Frenemies?: The Weakness of Weak Ties in Tension-Filled Decision-Making,” Gosline, R., Lee J. and Riley B. Society for Consumer Psychology (2011)

"I Like My Candy From Strangers and Medicine from Friends: The Interaction Between Social Feedback Valence and Network Tie Strength," Working Paper (2010)

"Rethinking Brand Contamination: How Consumers Maintain Distinction When Symbolic Boundaries Are Breached," Working Paper (2010)

"The Company You Keep: High-Low Co-Branding and the Breaching of Status Boundaries" Working Paper (2010)

“The Real Value of Fakes: Lessons from my time sipping Chardonnay and witnessing the trade of luxury handbags in the black market,” Forbes Magazine (2010)

"When is a Burger Just a Burger: When Disclaimers Permit Omnivorous Behavior Among High Status Actors" Working Paper (2010)

“The Real Value of Fakes: Dynamic Symbolic Boundaries in Socially Embedded Consumption,” Harvard Business School Doctoral Thesis (2009)

“Oh Pressed Hair!: The Politicization of Black Hair Texture as Reflected in Print Advertisements, 1940-1995,” Harvard University Undergraduate Honors Thesis, Harvard University Archives (1996)


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Advertising; Advertising; Brand management; Branding; Caribbean; Competition; Consumer behavior; Consumer marketing; Consumer packaged goods; Consumer products, marketing; Intellectual property; Luxury; Luxury; Market research; Marketing; Marketing communication; Marketing strategy; Positioning; Product loyalty; Signaling; Trust-based marketing