Renee Gosline

Zenon Zannetos (1955) Career Development Professor
Assistant Professor of Marketing

Biography | Selected Publications

“From Stranger to Friendship: Building Consumer-Brand Relationships in Social Media.” Gosline, Renee. In Brand Relationships. Forthcoming

“Victims or Heroes?: How Media Portrayals of Anti-Gay Bullying Influence Attitudes toward Gays and Support for Gay Rights.” Seth Goldman, Patrick J. Egan and Renee Gosline. In Proceedings of the 2012 Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association. New Orleans, LA: August 2012.

“Candy from Strangers and Vitamins from Friends: How Expectations Affect the Valuation of Advice in Social Networks.” Renee Gosline, Jeffrey Lee and Breagin Riley. In Proceedings of the Society for Consumer Psychology 2011 Winter Conference, edited by Naomi Mandel, David Silvera and Maura Scott. Atlanta, GA: February 2011.

Counterfeit Labels: Good For Luxury Brands?” Gosline, Renee. Forbes Magazine, February 2010.

"When is a Burger Just a Burger: When Disclaimers Permit Omnivorous Behavior Among High Status Actors." Hahl, Oliver and Renee Richardson Gosline, Working Paper. 2010.

"Rethinking Brand Contamination: How Consumers Maintain Distinction When Symbolic Boundaries Are Breached." Gosline, Renee, Working Paper. 2010.

"The Company You Keep: High-Low Co-Branding and the Breaching of Status Boundaries." Gosline, Renee and Jeffrey K. Lee, Working Paper. 2010.

“The Real Value of Fakes: Dynamic Symbolic Boundaries in Socially Embedded Consumption.” Gosline, Renee. PhD diss., Harvard Business School, 2009.

“Oh Pressed Hair!: The Politicization of Black Hair Texture as Reflected in Print Advertisements, 1940-1995.” Gosline, Renee. Undergraduate Honors Thesis, Harvard University, 1996.


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Advertising; Apps; Blogs; Brand management; Branding; Caribbean; Consumer behavior; Consumer marketing; Consumer packaged goods; Consumer psychology; Crowdfunding; Customer Relationship Management (CRM); Customer relationships; Electronic media; Elevator pitch; Facebook; Intellectual property; Leadership; Leadership; Luxury goods; Marketing; Medical decision making; Online education; Social media; Social networks; Startups / Start-ups; Strategy; Tumblr; Twitter; United States; YouTube