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“Learning from Experience, Simply,” Lin, Song, Juanjuan Zhang, and John R. Hauser - forthcoming in Marketing Science. Download Paper. Technical Appendix.

"Consideration-set Heuristics,Journal of Business Research. Volume 67, Issue 8, August 2014, Pages 1688–1699. Download Paper.

Website Morphing 2.0: Switching Costs, Partial Exposure, Random Exit, and When to Morph,” Hauser, John R., Guilherme Liberali , and Glen L. Urban, Management Science, 60 ,6, 1594-1616.  Download Paper. (2014)

"Introduction to Theory and Practice in Marketing Conference Special Section of Marketing Science," Editorial by Sunil Gupta, Dominique Hanssens, John R. Hauser, Donald Lehmann, Bernd Schmitt. Marketing Science 33(1): 1-5 (2014)

"Morphing Banner Advertisements," Urban, Glen L., Guilherme Liberali, Erin MacDonald, Robert Bordley, and John R. Hauser, in Marketing Science, 33, 1 (Jan.-Feb.), 27-46. (2014)

“Self-Reflection and Articulated Consumer Preferences.” Hauser, John R., Songting Dong, and Min Ding. Journal of Product Innovation Management 31(1): 17-32. Download Paper (2014)

"Competitive Information, Trust, Brand Consideration, and Sales: Two Field Experiments," Liberali, Guilherme, Glen L. Urban, and John R. Hauser, in International Journal for Research in Marketing, 30, 2, 101-113. Download PaperTechnical Appendix. (2013)

Marketing Science: A Strategic Review,” Chintagunta, Pradeep, Dominique Hanssens, John R. Hauser, Jagmohan Singh Raju, Kannan Srinivasan, and Richard Staelin, Marketing Science, 33, 1. Download Paper. (2013)

"New Developments in Product-Line Optimization," Hauser, John R., in Internatinoal Journal on Research in Marketing. Commentary on papers by Michalek, Ebbes, Adigüzel, Feinberg and Papalambros, "Enhancing Marketing with Engineering," and Tsafarakis, Marinakis and Matsatsinis, "Particle Swarm Optimisation for Optimal Product Line Design." (Forthcoming) (2011)

"Unstructured Direct Elicitation of Decision Rules." Min Ding, John R. Hauser, Songting Dong, Daria Dzyabura, Zhilin Yang, Chenting Su, Steven P. Gaskin. Journal of Marketing Research: February 2011, Vol. 48, No. 1, pp. 116-127. Download Paper. Web Appendix. Automotive Screenshots. Mobile Phone Screenshots.

"A Marketing Science Perspective on Recognition-Based Heuristics (and the Fast and Frugal Paradigm)," Hauser, John R., in Judgment and Decision Making, 6 (5) 396-408. Download Paper. (2011)

"Active Machine Learning for Consideration Heuristics," Dzyabura, Daria and John R. Hauser, Marketing Science, 30 (5) 801-819. Download Paper. (2011)

“New Developments in Product-Line Optimization,” Hauser, John R. International Journal on Research in Marketing, 28, 26-27. Commentary on papers by Michalek, Ebbes, Adigüzel, Feinberg, and Papalambros, “Enhancing Marketing with Engineering,” and Tsafarakis, Marinakis, and Matsatsinis, “Particle Swarm Optimization for Optimal Product Line Design.” Download Paper. (2011)

“New Product Development,” Hauser, John R. and Ely Dahan, in Rajiv Grover, ed., Essentials of Marketing Management (Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall). Download Paper. (2011)

“Paul E. Green: An Applications’ Guru,” Hauser, John R., in Vithala Rao, ed., Paul Green’s Legends Volume: Conjoint Analysis Applications. Forthcoming. Download Paper. (2011)

“Perspectives on Paul E. Green,” Hauser, John R., in V. Srinivasan, ed., Paul Green’s Contributions to Conjoint Analysis – Early Years.  Forthcoming. Download Paper. (2011)

"The House of Quality," Hauser, John R., Abbie Griffin, and Steve Gaskin. Wiley International Encyclopedia of Marketing, (Chichester, West Sussex UK: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.). Download Paper. (2011)

"The Strategic Importance of Accuracy in Conjoint Design," Selove, Matthew & John R. Hauser, Working Paper (July 2011). Technical Appendix.

“How Does Incorporating Price Competition into Market Simulators Affect Product Design Decisions?,” Proceedings of the Sawtooth Software Conference, Newport Beach, CA, Oct 6-8, 2010. Download Paper.

“How Does Incorporating Price Competition into Market Simulators Affect Product Design Decisions?,” Selove, Matthew and John R. Hauser. Proceedings of the Sawtooth Software Conference, Newport Beach, CA, Oct 6-8, 2010. Download Paper.

"Cognitive Simplicity and Consideration Sets," Hauser, John R., Olivier Toubia, Theodoros Evgeniou, Daria Dzyabura and Rene Befurt, in Journal of Marketing Research, 47, 485-496. Download Paper. Web Appendix. (2010)

“A Critical Review of Non-compensatory and Compensatory Models of Consideration-Set Decisions,” Ding, Min, Steven Gaskin, and John Hauser. 2009 Sawtooth Software Conference Proceedings, Delray, FL, March 23-27, 2009,  207-232. Download Paper

"Does Matching Website Characteristics to Cognitive Styles Increase Online Sales?," Braun, Michael, Clarence Lee, Glen L. Urban, and John R. Hauser (Cambridge, MA: MIT Sloan School of Management). Download Paper. (2009)

Morph the Web to Build Empathy, Trust, and Sales,” Urban, Glen L., John R. Hauser, Guilherme Liberali, Michael Braun, and Fareena Sultan, Sloan Management Review, 50 (4), 53-61.  (2009)

“Profile of John D. C. Little,” Hauser, John R. and Glen L. Urban, in Saul I. Gass and Arjang A. Assad eds. Profiles in Operations Research, Download Paper. (2009)

“The Voice of the Customer,” Griffin, Abbie, Steve Gaskin, Robert Klein, Gerry Katz, and John R. Hauser in Wiley International Encyclopedia of Marketing (Chichester, West Sussex UK: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.) Download Paper. (2009)

“Website Morphing,” Hauser, John R., Glen L. Urban, Guilherme Liberali, and Michael Braun. Marketing Science., 28, 2, (March-April), 202-224. Lead article with commentaries by Andrew Gelman, John Gittins, and Hal Varian. Includes rejoinder. Download Paper.  Download Appendix.  Morphing Rejoinder.  Morphing Gelman Comment.  Morphing Varian CommentMorphing Gittins Comment. (2009)

“Comments on ‘Defensive Marketing Strategy,'" Hauser, John R. and Steven M. Shugan, Marketing Science, 27, 1, 85-87. Download Paper. (2007)

"Editor-in-Chief Search Committee Report: The Digital Future is Here,” Rangaswamy, Arvind, Jim Cochran, Tülin Erdem, John R. Hauser, and Robert J. Meyer, Marketing Science, 27, 1, 1-3. Download Paper. (2007)

"Greedoid-Based Non-compensatory Two-Stage Consideration-then-Choice Inference," Marketing Science, Yee, Michael, Ely Dahan, John Hauser, and James Orlin, 26 (4) 532-549. Download PaperAppendix. (2007)

"On Managerial Efficient Designs," Marketing Science, Toubia, Olivier and John R. Hauser, 26 (6) 851-858. Download PaperAppendices. (2007)

“Optimization-Based and Machine-Learning Methods for Conjoint Analysis: Estimation and Question Design,” Toubia, Olivier, Theodoros Evgeniou, and John Hauser, in Anders Gustafsson, Andreas Herrmann and Frank Huber,eds, Conjoint Measurement: Methods and Applications, 4E, 231-258. Download Paper. (2007)

"Probabilistic Polyhedral Methods for Adaptive Choice-Based Conjoint Analysis: Theory and Application." Toubia, Olivier, John R. Hauser and Rosanna Garcia. Marketing Science 26 (5) 596-610. [Co-winner, American Marketing Association, John Howard Dissertation Award, 2005]. Download Paper.  (2007)

“Two-Stage Models: Identifying Non-Compensatory Heuristics for the Consideration Set then Adaptive Polyhedral Methods Within the Consideration Set,” Gaskin, Steven, Theodoros Evgeniou, Daniel Bailiff, John Hauser. Proceedings of the Sawtooth Software Conference in Santa Rosa, CA, October 17-19, 2007. Download Paper.

"Validating Agent-Based Marketing Models Using Conjoint-Analysis," Journal of Business Research, Garcia, Rosanna, Paul Rummel, and John R. Hauser, 60 (8) 848-857. Download Paper. (2007)

“'Must Have' Aspects vs. Tradeoff Aspects in Models of Customer Decisions,” Hauser, John R., Ely Dahan, Michael Yee, and James Orlin. Proceedings of the Sawtooth Software Conference in Del Ray Beach, FL, March 29-31, 2006. Download Paper.

"Research on Innovation: A Review and Agenda for Marketing Science," Marketing Science, Hauser, John R., Gerald Tellis, and Abbie Griffin, 25 (6) 687-717. Download Paper. (2006)

“Twenty-Five Years of Eclectic Growth in Marketing Science” (invited commentary), Hauser, John R. Marketing Science, 25, 6, 557-558. Download Paper. (2006)

“Marketing Science – Growth and Evolution,” Hauser, John R., Greg Allenby, Frederic H. Murphy, Jagmohan Raju, Richard Staelin, and Joel Steckel. Marketing Science, 24, 1, 1-2. Download Paper. (2005)

"The Impact of Utility Balance and Endogeneity in Conjoint Analysis," Marketing Science, Hauser, John R. and Olivier Toubia, 24 (3) 498-507. Download PaperAppendix. (2005)

“Conjoint Analysis, Related Modeling, and Applications,” Hauser, John R. and Vithala Rao. Advances in Market Research and Modeling: Progress and Prospects, Jerry Wind and Paul Green, eds., 141-168. Download Paper. (2004)

"'Listening-In’ to Find and Explore New Combinations of Customer Needs," Journal of Marketing, Urban, Glen L., and John R. Hauser, 68, 72-87. Download Paper. (2004)

"Polyhedral Methods for Adaptive Choice-based Conjoint Analysis," Journal of Marketing Research, Toubia, Olivier, John R. Hauser, and Duncan Simester, 41 (1) 116-131. [Finalist, Paul Green Award for contributions to the practice of marketing research] (2004)

"Fast Polyhedral Adaptive Conjoint Estimation." Toubia, Olivier, Duncan I. Simester, John R. Hauser, and Ely Dahan, Marketing Science, 22 (3) 273-303. Download Paper. [First Place, John D. C. Little Award for Best Article in the Marketing Sciences Literature, 2003; First Place, Frank M. Bass Award for Best Article Based on a Dissertation, 2005; Finalist, INFORMS Society for Marketing Science Long Term Impact Award in 2011, 2012, and 2013]

"Product Management: New Product Development and Launching," Dahan, Ely and John R. HauserHandbook of Marketing, Barton Weitz and Robin Wensley, eds, Sage Press, 179-222. Download Paper. (2003)

"The Virtual Customer," Dahan, Ely and John R. Hauser. Journal of Product Innovation Management, 19, 5, (September), 332-354. Download Paper. (2002)

“Marketing Makes a Difference,” Hauser, John R. Marketing Management, 11 (1), 46-47. Download Paper. (2002)

"Marketing Science: A Strong Franchise with a Bright Future," Hauser, John R., Scott Carr, Barbara Kahn, James Hess, and Richard Staelin, Marketing Science, 21, 1, invited editorial. Download Paper. (2002)

"Metrics Thermostat," Journal of Product Innovation Management, 18 (3), 134-153. Download Paper. (2001)

Product Development in the New Dispersed Environment, invited paper for the Handbook of Marketing, Barton Weitz and Robin Wensley, Eds, Sage Press, 2001.

“Going Overboard on Platforms,” Hauser, John R., AMS Voices, 8. Download Paper. (2000)

"Implementing Quality Improvement Programs Designed to Enhance Customer Satisfaction: Quasi-experiments in the United States and Spain," Simester, Duncan I, John R. Hauser, Birger Wernerfelt, and Roland Rust. Journal of Marketing Research, 37 (1) 102-112. Download Paper. (2000)

"Metrics: You Are What You Measure!," European Management Journal, Hauser, John R. and Gerry Katz, 16 (5) 516-52. Download Paper. (1998)

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“The Problem with Pinball,” Hauser, John R., AMS Voices, 4. Download Paper. (1997)

“The Role of Mathematical Models in the Study of Product Development,” Hauser, John R. Proceedings of the 14th Paul D. Converse Awards Conference, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, IL, 72-90. Download Paper. (1997)

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"R&D Metrics: An Annotated Bibliography," Hauser, John R. ICRMOT Working Paper, M.I.T., Cambridge, MA 02142. (June) Also available as a Marketing Science Institute Working Paper (November). Download Paper. (1996)

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"The Voice of the Customer: How Can You Be Sure You Know What Customers Really Want?," Swanson, Derby A. and John R. Hauser. Proceedings of the 1st Pacific Rim Symposium of Quality Function Deployment, MacQuarie University, NSW Australia, February 15-17. Download Paper. (1995)

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Pre-thesis paper 1974, "Modeling Decisions of Choice Among Finite Alternatives: Applications to Marketing and to Transportation Demand Theory." Download Paper.

S.M. (Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering) and S.B., " An Efficient Method to Predict the Impacts of Operating Decisions for Conventional Bus Systems." Download Paper.

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