Drazen Prelec

Digital Equipment Corp. Leaders for Global Operations Professor of Management
Professor of Management Science and Economics

Biography | Selected Publications

“Choosing at the wrong rate: Lessons from the Harvard game.” In Sustainable Consumption - Multi-Disciplinary Perspectives: In Honour of Professor Sir Partha Dasgupta, Alistair Ulph (ed.), Oxford University Press, (forthcoming). (2014)

Motor Impulsivity in Parkinson Disease: Associations with COMT and DRD2 polymorphisms,” Ziegler, D.A., Ashourian, P., Wonderlick, J.S., Sarokhan, A.K., Prelec, D., Scherzer, C.R., and S. Corkin, Scandinavian Journal of Psychology, 55(3): 278-286 (2014)

Motivation, Money, Prestige and Cheats,” Pascual-Ezama, D., Prelec, D. and D. Dunfield. Journal of Economic Behavior and OrganizationVolume 93, September 2013, Pages 367–373

Compound Invariance Implies Prospect Theory for Simple Prospects,” Bleichrodt, H., Kothyial, A., Prelec, D. and P. Wakker. Journal of Mathematical Psychology, Volume 57, Issues 3–4, June–August 2013, Pages 68–77.

Creating truthtelling incentives with the Bayesian Truth Serum,” Weaver, R. and Prelec, D. Journal of Marketing Research, June 2013, 50(3), 289-302.

"Decision analysis from a neo-Calvinist point of view," Prelec, Drazen, in Behavioural Public Policy, Adam Oliver, ed.(Cambridge: Cambridge University Press), 216-233. (2013)

Measuring the Prevalence of Questionable Research Practices with Incentives for Truth-telling,” Leslie K. John, George Loewenstein, and Drazen Prelec. Psychological Science 23(5) 524-532. (2012)

Protesting too much: Self-deception and self-signaling," with Ryan McKay and Danica Mijovic-Prelec, in Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 34, 34-35. (2011)

“Experimental test of the Bayesian truth serum,“ Prelec, D., and R. Weaver. Working Paper (2010)

Self-deception as self-signaling: A model and experimental evidence,” with Danica Mijovic-Prelec, in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biology, 365, 227-240. (2010)

“Consumer behavior and the future of consumer payments,” Prelec, Drazen, in Moving Money: The Future of Consumer Payment, Robert E. Litan and Martin N. Baily, eds. (New York and Washington DC: Brookings Institution Press), 77-101. (2009)

“Operant matching as a Nash equilibrium of an intertemporal game,” with Y. Loewenstein and S. Seung, in Neural Computation, 21 (10), 2755-2773. (2009)

“Man’s search for meaning: The case of Legos.” Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 67(3), 671-677 (2008)

“Neural antecedents of the endowment effect.” Neuron, 58 (5), 814-822 (2008)

"A Bayesian truth serum for subjective data," Prelec, Drazen, in Science, 306, 462-466. (2004)

“Self-signaling in a neo-Calvinist model of everyday decision making,” Bodner, R. and D. Prelec, in Psychology and Economics, Vol I. I. Brocas and J. Carrillo, eds. (Oxford: Oxford University Press) (2003)

“The Red and the Black: Mental accounting of savings and debt,” with G. Loewenstein, in Marketing Science, 17, 4-28. (1998)


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