Tavneet Suri

Associate Professor of Applied Economics

Biography | Selected Publications

“Risk Sharing and Transaction Costs: Evidence from Kenya's Mobile Money Revolution”, Jack, Williamand Tavneet Suri, American Economic Review, 104 (1), 183-223. (2014)

"Endogenous emergence of credit markets: Contracting in response to a new technology in Ghana”, Rahul Deb and Tavneet Suri. Journal of Development Economics, 101, 268-283. (2013)

"Expanding Access to Micro Credit: The Role of Asset-Collateralized Loans", with William Jack, Michael Kremer, Joost de Laat. (2013)

"Rural Roads and Intermediated Trade: Regression Discontinuity Evidence from Sierra Leone", with Lorenzo Casaburi and Rachel Glennerster. (2013)

“The Economics of Slums in the Developing World”, Marx, Benjamin, Thomas Stoker, and Tavneet Suri. Journalof Economic Perspectives, 27 (4), 187-210. (2013)

"There Is No Free House: Ethnic Patronage and Property Rights in a Kenyan Slum", with Benjamin Marx and Thomas Stoker. [Previously titled "The Political Economy of Ethnicity, Housing Rents and Property Rights in Slums: Evidence from Kenya"]. (2013)

"Documenting the Birth of a Financial Economy", Tavneet Suri, William Jack and Thomas Stoker. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 109 (26), 10257-10262. (2012)

“Transaction Networks: Evidence from Mobile Money in Kenya”, Jack, William, Adam Ray, and Tavneet Suri.American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings, 103 (3), 356-361. (2012)

"Estimating the Extent of Local Risk Sharing Between Households", [previously titled "Spillovers in Village Consumption: Estimating the Extent of Partial Insurance" - submitted]. (2011)

“Paths to Success: The Relationship Between Human Development and Economic Growth,” Tavneet Suri, Michael Boozer, Gustav Ranis, and Frances Stewart. World Development, 39 (4), 506-522. (2011)

“Selection and Comparative Advantage in Technology Adoption”, Econometrica, 79 (1), 159–209. (2011)

"Household Information: Implications for Poverty Measurement and Dynamics", with Michael Boozer and Markus Goldstein. (2010)

Mobile Money: The Economics of M-PESA (2010)

“Monetary Theory and Mobile Banking: Lessons from the Kenyan Experience,” Tavneet Suri, William Jack and Robert Townsend. Economic Quarterly, 96 (1), 83-122. (2010)


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Africa; Applied economics; Applied microeconomics; Developing countries, economics; Econometrics; Economics