Wanda Orlikowski

Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Management
Professor of Information Technologies and Organization Studies

Biography | Selected Publications

“The Autonomy Paradox: The Implications of Mobile Email Devices for Knowledge Professionals,” Mazmanian, Melissa, Wanda J. Orlikowski, and JoAnne Yates, Organization Science 23:5 (September-October 2013), pp. 1337-1357. (Awarded Best Information Systems Publications in 2014 by Association of Information Systems)

"In Praise of the Incomplete Leader." Ancona, Deborah, Thomas W. Malone, Wanda J. Orlikowski, and Peter M. Senge (February 2007). Harvard Business Review, Vol. 85, No. 2.

"The PowerPoint Presentation and its Corollaries: How Genres Shape Communicative Action in Organizations," Yates, JoAnne, and Wanda Orlikowski, in Mark Zachry and Charlotte Thralls (eds.) Communicative Practices in Workplaces and the Professions: Cultural Perspectives on the Regulation of Discourse and Organizations(Amityville, NY: Baywood Publishing, 2007: 67-91.

“Life in the trading zone: Structuring coordination across boundaries in post-bureaucratic organizations.” Kellogg, K., W. J. Orlikowski, and J. Yates. Organization Science, 17 (1), 22-44. (2006)

“Temporal Coordination through Genres and Genre Systems,” Im, Hyun, JoAnne Yates, Wanda J. Orlikowski. Information, Technology and People, 18: 2 (2005): 89 – 119. [Recipient of 2006 Highly Commended Award from Emerald LiteratiNetwork.] (2005)

“Distributed Work over the Centuries: Trust and Control in the Hudson's Bay Company, 1670-1826,” O'Leary, Michael, Wanda J. Orlikowski, and JoAnne Yates, chapter in Distributed Work, Pamela J. Hinds and Sara Kiesler, eds. (Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2002): 27-54.

“Genre Systems: Chronos and Kairos in Communicative Interaction,” Yates, JoAnne, and Wanda Orlikowski, in The Rhetoric and Ideology of Genre: Strategies for Stability and Change. Richard Coe, Lorelei Lingard, and Tatiana Teslenko, eds. (Cresskill, NJ: Hampton Press, 2002), pp. 103-121.

“Genre Systems: Structuring Interaction through Communicative Norms,” ?Yate, JoAnne, and Wanda J. Orlikowski. Special Issue on Qualitative Research, Journal of Business Communication 39:1 (2002), pp. 13-35. (2002)

"It's About Time: An Enacted View of Time in Organizations," Orlikowski, Wanda J., and JoAnne Yates. Organization Science, 13: 6 (November-December 2002), pp. 684-700.

"Genre Taxonomy: A Knowledge Repository of Communicative Actions,” Yoshioka, ?Takeshi, George Herman, JoAnne Yates, and Wanda J. Orlikowski. ACM Transactions on Information Systems, 19: 4 (2001): 431 - 456. (2001)

"Sloan 2001: A Virtual Odyssey,” Yates, JoAnne, Wanda Orlikowski, and Nils Fonstad, in Our Virtual World: The Transformation of Work, Play, and Life Via Technology, edited by Ilze Zigurs and Laku Chidambaram, (Idea Group Publishing, 2001), 191-218.

“Shaping Electronic Communication: The Metastructuring of Technology in the Context of Use,” ?Orlikowski, Wanda J., JoAnne Yates, Kazuo Okamura, and Masayo Fujimoto. Organization Science, 6 (1995), 423-444. [Reprinted in Shaping Organizational Form: Communication, Connection, and Community, Sage Publications, 1999] (1995)

“Genre Repertoire: Examining the Structuring of Communicative Practices in Organizations,” ?Orlikowski, Wanda J. and JoAnne Yates. Administrative Science Quarterly, 39 (1994), 541-574. [Recipient of 1995 Alpha Kappa Psi Award of the Association for Business Communications.] (1994)

“Genres of Organizational Communication: A Structurational Approach to Studying Communication and Media,” ? Yates, JoAnne, and Wanda J. Orlikowski, Academy of Management Review, 17 (April 1992), 299-326. [Recipient of award for best publication in organizational communication for 1992 in an Academy of Management publication.]

The Duality of Technology. Rethinking the Concept of Technology in Organizations (1989)


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