Emilio J Castilla

NTU Professor of Management
Associate Professor of Management

Biography | Selected Publications

“Accounting for the Gap: A Firm Study Manipulating Organizational Accountability in Pay Decisions.” Emilio J. Castilla. Organization Science: Forthcoming.

“House of Green Cards: Statistical- versus Preference-based Accounts of Inequality in the Employment of Foreign Nationals by Citizenship.” Rissing, Ben A. and Emilio J. Castilla. American Sociological Review 79 (6): 1226-1255. (2014)

“Social Networks and Employment: Mechanisms (Part 1).” Castilla, Emilio J., George J. Lan, and Ben A. Rissing. Sociology Compass 7(12): 999-1012. (2013)

"Social Networks and Employment: Outcomes (Part 2).” ​Castilla, Emilio J., George J. Lan, and Ben A. Rissing. Sociology Compass 7(12): 1013-1026. (2013)

“Gender, Race, and the New (Merit-based) Employment Relationship.” Castilla, Emilio J. Industrial Relations 51 (2): 1-35. (2012)

“Off to a ‘Green’ Start? How State Agents Shape the Employment Outcomes of Foreign Nationals by Citizenship.” Rissing, Ben A. and Emilio J. Castilla. Academy of Management Best Papers Proceedings. (2012)

“Bringing Managers Back In: Managerial Influences on Workplace Inequality.” Castilla, Emilio J. American Sociological Review 76 (5): 667-694. (2011)

“Mérito y Discriminación dentro de las Organizaciones: Diferencias enla Evaluación y Retribución de Empleados/as según Género y Origen Étnico.” Castilla, Emilio J. Revista Española de Investigaciones Sociológicas 129: 61-105. Winner of the 2010 Best ArticlePublished in Revista Española de Investigaciones Sociológicas Award (Centro deInvestigaciones Sociológicas, Madrid, Spain).

"The Paradox of Meritocracy in Organizations." Castilla, Emilio J. and Steve Benard. Administrative Science Quarterly 55 (4): 543-576. [Winner of the 2010 Outstanding Publication in Organizational Behavior Award, presented by the OB Division of the Academy of Management].

“The Institutional Production of National Science in the 20th Century.” Castilla, Emilio J. International Sociology 24 (6): 833-869. (2009)

"¿Incentivos Salariales por Rendimiento? Parcialidad en los Procesos de Evaluación y Retribución según Sexo y Raza.” Castilla, Emilio J., in Mujeres, Trabajos y Empleos en Tiempos de Globalización, edited by Pilar Rodríguez. Barcelona: Icaria Libros, 2008: 165-208.

“Gender, Race, and Meritocracy in Organizational Careers.” Castilla, Emilio J. American Journal of Sociology 113 (6): 1479-1526. Finalist Article for the 2009 W. Richard Scott Award for Distinguished Scholarship (American Sociological Association: Organizations, Occupations, and Work Section). (2008)

Dynamic Analysis in the Social Sciences. Castilla, Emilio J. San Diego, California: Elsevier / Academic Press,, 2007.

"Book Review: The Embedded Corporation: Corporate Governance and Employment Relations in Japan and the United States by Sanford M. Jacoby," published in Administrative Science Quarterly 50 (1): 143-148 (2005)

“Gender, Race, and Meritocracy in Organizational Careers.” Academy of Management Best Papers Proceedings. [Finalist Paper for the 2005 Harlow Award (Academy of Management: Gender and Diversity in Organizations Division)].

“Social Networks and Employee Performance in a Call Center.” Castilla, Emilio J. American Journal of Sociology 110 (5): 1243-1283. (2005)

"Organizing Health Care: A Comparative Analysis of National Institutions and Inequality over Time.” Castilla, Emilio J. International Sociology 19 (4): 403-435. (2004)

“Networks of Venture Capital Firms in Silicon Valley.” Castilla, Emilio J. International Journal of Technology Management 25 (1/2): 113-135. (2003)

“Social Networks and Employee Performance”Submitted to the Department of Sociology, Stanford University, July 2002

“How Much is That Network Worth? Social Capital in Employee Referral Networks.” Fernandez, Roberto M. and Emilio J. Castilla in Social Capital: Theory and Research, edited by Karen Cook, Nan Lin, and Ronald S. Burt. Chicago: Aldine-deGruyter, 2001: 85-104.

"Social Capital at Work: Networks and Employment at a Phone Center." Fernández, Roberto M., Emilio J. Castilla and Paul Moore. American Journal of Sociology 105 (5): 1288-1356. [Winner of the 2001 W. Richard Scott Award for Distinguished Scholarship presented by the Organizations, Occupations, and Work Section of the American Sociological Association]. Reprinted in Social Capital in Business, edited by Kenneth W. Koput and Joseph P.Boschak. Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar Publishing (2011). (2000)

“Social Networks in Silicon Valley.” Castilla, Emilio J., Hokyu Hwang, Mark Granovetter and Ellen Granovetter. in The Silicon Valley Edge: A Habitat for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, edited by Chong-Moon Lee, William F. Miller, Henry Rowen, and Marguerite Hancock. Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2000: 218-247. (2000)

“Sistemas Sanitarios Públicos: Análisis Comparativo de Organizaciones Sanitarias y Desigualdades Sociales.” Castilla, Emilio J. Gestión y Análisis de Políticas Públicas 13-14: 29-49. (1999)

Análisis Dinámico. Castilla, Emilio J. The Methodology of the Social Sciences Series. Madrid: Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas, 1998.

“Análisis Comparativo de los Sistemas de Nacionales de Desigualdad Social.” Castilla, Emilio J., in Metodología del Análisis Comparativo, Jordi E. Caïs, ed. Madrid: Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas, 1997: 121-157.

La Sociedad Transversal. Barcelona: Fundación La Caixa, 1994. Winner of the 1995 Miguel Angel Terribas Book Award.

"Democratic Imbalances between Countries of the Mediterranean Basin." de Miguel, Jesús M., Emilio J. Castilla, Jordi E. Caïs, and Juan Salcedo. Strasburg: CDPO, European Council, 1993. Official document CDPO8R.97E presented as item 5 on the Agenda of the 17th meeting of the European Population Committee.

"Desigualdad y Morbilidad.” Castilla, Emilio J., Jordi E. Caïs, and Jesús M. de Miguel, in Desigualdades ante la Salud. Madrid: Fundación Argentaria, 1993: 7-64.

"Book Review: La Profesión de Economista: El Auge de Economistas, Ejecutivos y Empresarios en España by Mauro F. Guillén," Castilla, Emilio J., Revista Española de Investigaciones Sociológicas 59: 379-395. (1992)

“Para la Investigación de Estructuras Grandes, Procesos Amplios y Comparaciones Enormes.” Castilla, Emilio J. Revista Española de Investigaciones Sociológicas 60: 129-145. (1992)


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