Roberto Fernandez

William F. Pounds Professor in Management
Professor of Organization Studies

Biography | Selected Publications

"Gender, Trial Employment, and Initial Salaries," Roberto M. Fernandez, Adina D. Sterling (2014)

“Gendered Musical Chairs: Job Sucession and Gender Segregation.” Fernandez, Roberto M., and Gokce Basbug. Proceedings of the 65th Annual Meeting of the Labor and Employment Relations Association Series. 2013.

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"The Causal Status of Social Capital in Labor Markets." Fernandez, Roberto, and Roman V. Galperin. [Working Paper] (2012)

"Gender Sorting and the Glass Ceiling in High Tech." Roberto M. Fernandez and Santiago Campero. [Working Paper] (2012)

Gender Sorting at the Application Interface.” Fernandez, Roberto M., and Colette Friedrich. Industrial Relations 50: 591-609. (2011)

"From Metaphors to Mechanisms: Gender Sorting In(to) an Organizational Hierarchy." Roberto Fernandez, Mabel Botelho Abraham. [Working Paper] (2010)

"Glass Ceilings and Glass Doors? Internal and External Hiring in an Organizational Hierarchy." Roberto Fernandez, Mabel Botelho Abraham [Working Paper] (2010)

Networks, Race and Hiring (2010)

Social Capital at Work: Networks and Employment at a Phone Center. (2010)

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"A Multilevel Model of Life Satisfaction: Effects of Individual Characteristics and Neighborhood Composition." Fernandez, Roberto M., and Jane C. Kulik (1981). American Sociological Review, 46(6): 840-850. (1981)


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