Scott Stern

David Sarnoff Professor of Management of Technology

Biography | Selected Publications

“Defining Clusters of Related Industries,” (with M. Delgado and M.E. Porter), Journal of Economic Geography, forthcoming.

“Where is Silicon Valley?” J. Guzman and S. Stern. Science 347(6222): 606-609 (2015)

“Intellectual Property and the Evolution of Scientific Journals as Knowledge Platforms,” Dan Fedher, Fiona Murray, and Scott Stern, International Journal of Industrial Organization Vol. 36, Septemeber 2014. (2014)

“Clusters, Convergence, and Economic Performance” S. Stern, with M.E. Porter and M. Delgado, Research Policy, 2014.

Defining Clusters of Related Industries (2013)

Digitization, Innovation and Copyright: What is the Agenda? (2013)

Entrepreneurs Need Strategy (2013)

Patents, Papers, and Secrecy: Contracting over the Disclosure of Scientific and Commercial Knowledge (2013)

Grand Innovation Prizes: A Theoretical, Normative, and Empirical Evaluation (2012)

Growing Stem Cells: The Impact of the Bush Stem Cell Policy on the Geography of Scientific Discovery (2012)

The Rate and Direction of Inventive Activity Revisited (2012)

Why was Rate and Direction so Important? Reflections for the NBER 50th Anniversary Conference in Honor of The Rate and Direction of Inventive Activity (2012)

Climbing Atop the Shoulders of Giants: The Impact of Institutions on Cumulative Knowledge Production (2011)


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