Steven Eppinger

General Motors Leaders for Global Operations Professor of Management
Professor of Management Science and Engineering Systems
Co-Director, System Design and Management Program

Biography | Selected Publications

Design Structure Matrix Methods and Applications (2012)

Product Design and Development, 5th edition. Karl Ulrich and Steven Eppinger. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2011 (2010)

A System Architecture Approach to Global Product Development (2007)

Improving Product Development Processes to Manage Development Risk (2006)

Factors that influence Technical Communication in Distributed Product Development: An Empirical Study in the Telecommunications Industry. (2002)

Information Hiding in Product Development: The Design Churn Effect (2002)

Performance of Coupled Product Development Activities with a Deadline (2001)

Understanding the Effects of Product Architecture on Technical Communication in Product Development Organizations. (2000)

A Model for Development Project Cost and Schedule Planning (1998)

Sourcing By Design: Product Architecture and the Supply Chain (1998)

A Predictive Model of Sequential Iteration in Engineering Design (1996)

Generalized Models of Design Iteration Using Signal Flow Graphs (1996)

The Coupling of Product Architecture and Organizational Structure Decisions (1996)

Deciding Between Sequential and Parallel Tasks in Engineering Design (1995)

Identifying Controlling Features of Engineering Design Iteration (1995)

Integration Analysis of Product Decompositions (1995)

Predicting Technical Communication in Product Development Organizations (1995)

A Model-Based Method for OrganizationTasks in Product Development (1993)

Managing the Integration Problem in Concurrent Engineering (1993)

Systematic versus Intuitive Problem Solving on the Shop Floor: Does it Matter (1993)

Overlapping Product Development Activities by Analyis of Information Transfer Practice (1992)

Testing and Engineering Design Iteration Model in an Experimental Setting (1992)

Development of Tools to Represent Design Procedures (1991)

Methods for Analysing Design Procedures (1991)

Modelling the Impact of Organizational Structure on Design Lead Time and Product Quality (1991)

Towards a Cooperative Design Methodology: Analysis of Sequential Decision Strategies (1991)

Interdisciplinary Product Design Education (1989)

Organizing the Tasks in Complex Design Projects (1989)

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Tel: (617) 253-0468
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Tel: (617) 253-3341

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General Expertise
Aerospace; Automotive industry; Business process modeling; Innovation; Innovation management; Innovative thinking; Intellectual property; Medical devices; New venture development; Oil industry; Open innovation; Product design; Product development; Product innovation; Project management; Research and development; Technological innovation