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"Generalized Little's Law and an Asset Picking System to Model an Investment Portfolio: A Working Prototype," Maria Luisa Ceprini and John D. C. Little. Working Paper (2014)

“Little’s Law as Viewed on Its 50th Anniversary,” Operations Research, 59(3) 536-549. (Invited paper) (2011)

"A Logit Model of Brand Choice Calibrated on Scanner Data," Guadagni, Peter M. and John D.C. Little, in Marketing Scienceā€‹, 27, 1, 29-48. (2008)

"Commentary on: A Logit Model of Brand Choice Calibrated on Scanner Data. A 25th Anniversary Perspective," Guadagni, Peter M. and John D.C. Little, in Marketing Science, 27, 1, 26-28. (2008)

“Little’s Law,” Little, John D.C. and Stephen C. Graves. Chapter 5 in: Building Intuition: Insights from Basic Operations Management Models and Principles, Dilip Chhajed and Timothy J. Lowe, edsSpringer Science+Business Media, LLC, New York. (2008)

"Choice in Interactive Environments," Steckel, Joel H., Russell S. Winer, Randolph E.Bucklin, Benedict G.C. Dellaert, Xavier Dreze, Gerald Haubl, Sandy D. Jap, John D.C. Little, Tom Meyvis, Alan L. Montgomery, and Arvind Rangaswamy, in Marketing Letters, 16, 3-4, 309-320. (2005)

"Managers and Models: The Concept of a Decision Calculus," Management Science, Little, John D.C.,50, 1841-1853 (2004)

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"The History of the Marketing College is a Work in Progress," Marketing Science, Little, John D.C., 20 (4) 364-372 (2001)

"Agents to the Rescue?," Marketing Letters, West, Patricia M., Dan Ariely, Steve Bellman, Eric Bradlow, Joel Huber, Eric Johnson, Barbara Kahn, John Little, and David Schkade, 10 (3) 285-300  (1999)

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Integrated Measures of Sales, Merchandizing, and Distribution (1997)

"A Theory of Forward Buying, Merchandising, and Trade Deals," Marketing Science, Lal, Rajiv, John D.C. Little, and J. Miguel Villas-Boas, 15 (1) 21-37 (1996)

"Models for Marketing Managers," in D. Sudharshan and K. Monroe, eds., Proceedings of the 13th Paul D. Converse Symposium, American Marketing Association, Chicago. (1995)

"An Empirical Analysis of Latitude of Price Acceptance in Consumer Packaged Goods," Kalyanaram, Gurumurthy and John D.C. Little. Journal of Consumer Research, 21 408-418 (1994)

"Information Technology in Marketing," in Thomas J. Allen and Michael S. Scott Morton, eds., Information Technology and the Corporation of the 1990s: Research Studies, Oxford University Press, New York. (1994)

"Modeling Market Response in Large Customer Panels," in Blattberg, Glazer and Little, eds., The  Marketing Information Revolution, Harvard Business School Press (1994)

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Management Research on Outtages and Maintenance (1993)

Decision Support Systems for Marketing Managers. New York, NY: AMA Membership Publications Division, American Management Associations, 1984.

"Optimal Adaptive Control: A Multivariate Model for Marketing Applications," IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, AC-22 (2) 187-195 (1977)

A Market Share Theorem (1974)


"Optimal Service Policy for the M/G/1 Queue with Multiple Classes of Arrivals," Kakalik, James S. and John D.C. Little. Pā€‘4525, The RAND Corporation  (1971)

"An Algorithm for the Traveling Salesman Problem," Little, John D.C., Katta G. Murty, Dura W. Sweeney, Caroline Karel. Operations Research, 11(6) 972-989. (This paper coined the term:  “branch and bound”) (1963)

"A Proof of the Queuing Formula: L=λW," Operations Research, 9 (3) 383-387. (L=λW has come to be known as Little’s Law.) (1961)


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