Yasheng Huang

International Program Professor in Chinese Economy and Business
Professor of Global Economics and Management and Associate Dean for International Programs and Action Learning

Biography | Selected Publications

A Fire Sale without Fire: An Explanation of Labor-Intensive FDI in China (2008)

"Capitalism with Chinese Characteristics: State and Entrepreneurship During Reform." Huang, Yasheng. Cambridge University Press, 2008.

Does Ethnicity Pay? Evidence from Overseas Chinese FDI in China (2008)

Is Entrepreneurship Missing in Shanghai? (2008)

Just How Capitalist is China? (2008)

What is Wrong with Shanghai? (2008)


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General Expertise
Asia; China; Developing countries; Emerging markets; Environmental policy; Foreign investment; Global economics; Global entrepreneurship; Globalization; Government; Hong Kong; India; International management; International trade; Korea; Political economy; Singapore; Southeast Asia; Taiwan; Thailand