Richard Schmalensee

Howard W. Johnson Professor of Management, Emeritus
Professor of Economics, Emeritus
Dean Emeritus

Biography | Selected Publications

Catalyst Code (with D.S. Evans), Boston: Harvard Business School Press, 2007.

Invisible Engines: How Software Platforms Drive Innovation and Create Value (with D.S. Evans and A. Hagiu), Cambridge: MIT Press, 2006.

Paying with Plastic The Digital Revolution in Buying and Borrowing (Second Edition). MIT Press, 2005

"Markets for Clean Air: The U.S. Acid Rain Program," Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2000.

Handbook of Industrial Organization (ed., with R. D. Willig), Amsterdam: North-Holland, 1989.

Markets for Power: An Analysis of Electric Utility Deregulation (with P. L. Joskow), Cambridge: MIT Press, 1983.

The Economics of Advertising (Vol. 80, Contributions to Economic Analysis), Amsterdam: North-Holland, 1972.


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General Expertise
Alternative energy; Antitrust; Applied economics; B-school; Business education; Business school; Clean energy; Climate change; Climate policy; Competitive strategy; Corporate strategy and policy; Credit card industry; Economics; Economy; Electricity; Emissions trading; Energy; Energy economics; Environment; Environmental economics; Environmental policy; Global climate change; Global warming; Industrial economics; Industrial organization; Non-market strategy; Price fixing; Pricing; Privatization; Solar power; Strategy