Jay Forrester

Professor Emeritus of Management
System Dynamics

Biography | Selected Publications

Collected Papers of Jay W. Forrester. Waltham, MA: Pegasus Communications, 1975.

Industrial Dynamics. Waltham, MA: Pegasus Communications, 1961.

Principles of Systems (2nd edition). Waltham, MA: Pegasus Communications, 1968.

Urban Dynamics. Waltham, MA: Pegasus Communications, 1969.

World Dynamics (1973 second edition). Waltham, MA:Pegasus Communications, 1971. Second edition has an added chapter on physical vs. social limits.


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General Expertise
Advertising; Applied economics; Automotive; Branding; Business education; Business process modeling; Consumer packaged goods; Consumer products, marketing; Corporate strategy and policy; Customer relationships and CRM; Customer satisfaction; Deflation; Distance learning; Entrepreneurship / New ventures; Environmental leadership; Environmental policy; Game theory; Information technology, impact of; Internet; K-12 education; Macroeconomics; Management of technology; Managerial economics; Market research; Marketing; Marketing strategy; Nonlinear dynamics; Positioning; Statistics; Supply chain management; System dynamics; Virtual customer; Web-based marketing