John Core

Nanyang Technological University Professor of Accounting

Biography | Selected Publications

"When Does Information Asymmetry Affect the Cost of Capital?" Armstrong, Christopher S., John E. Core, Daniel J. Taylor, and Robert E. Verrecchia (March 2011). Journal of Accounting Research, 49(1): 1-40. 

"Are US CEOs Paid More Than UK CEOs? Inferences From Risk-Adjusted Pay." Conyon, Martin J., John E. Core, and Wayne R. Guay (2011). Review of Financial Studies, 24: 402- 438.  (2011)

"Discussion of Chief Executive Officer Equity Incentives and Accounting Irregularities." Core, John E. (May 2010). Journal of Accounting Research, 48(2): 273-287. 

"The Role of the Business Press as an Information Intermediary." Bushee, Brian J., John E. Core, Wayne R. Guay, and Sophia J. W. Hamm (March 2010). Journal of Accounting Research 48(1): 1-19. 

"Is CEO Pay Too High and Are Incentives Too Low? A Wealth-Based Contracting Framework." Core, John E., and Wayne R. Guay (February 2010). The Academy of Management Perspectives, 24(1): 5-19. 

"An Economic and Ethical Approach to Charity and Charity Endowments." Core, John E., and Thomas Donaldson (2010). Review of Social Economy, 68(3): 261-284. (2010)

"Have the Tax Benefits of Debt been Overstated?" Blouin, Jennifer, John E. Core, and Wayne R. Guay (2010). Journal of Financial Economics, 98(2): 195- 213.  (2010)

Is CEO Pay Too High and Are Incentives Too Low? A Wealth-Based Contracting Framework (2010)

Is there a case for regulating executive pay in the financial services industry? (2010)

"Is there a case for regulating executive pay in the financial services industry?" Core, John E., and Wayne R. Guay. In Fuchita, Yasuyuki, Richard J. Herring, and Robert E. Litan (eds.). After the Crash: The Future of Finance (2010), Baltimore: Brookings Institution Press.  (2010)

Mandatory Disclosure Quality, Inside Ownership, and Cost of Capital (2010)

Which Proxy for Expected Returns? Realized Returns vs. Implied Cost of Capital (2010)

"The Directors’ and Officers’ Insurance Premium: An Outside Assessment of the Effectiveness of Corporate Governance." Core, John E. (Fall 2000). Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization, 16(2): 449-477.

"The Effect of Accounting-based Covenants on Equity Valuation." Core, John E., and Catherine M. Schrand (February 1999). Journal of Accounting and Economics, 27(1): 1-34. 

"Corporate Governance, CEO Compensation, and Firm Performance." Core, John E. Robert W. Holthausen, and David F. Larcker (March 1999). Journal of Financial Economics, 51(3): 371-406. 

"The Use of Equity Grants to Manage Optimal Equity Incentive Levels." Core, John E., and Wayne Guay (1999). Journal of Accounting and Economics, 28(2): 151-184.  (1999)

"On the Corporate Demand for Directors’ and Officers’ Insurance." Core, John E (1997). The Journal of Risk and Insurance, 64(1): 63-87.  (1997)


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General Expertise
Accounting; Accounting fraud; Compensation; Contracting; Corporate disclosure practices; Corporate governance; Executive compensation; Financial reporting; Financial statement analysis; Management control; Managerial accounting; Performance measurement systems; Valuation