Zeynep Ton

Adjunct Associate Professor of Operations Management

Biography | Selected Publications

“Why ‘Good’ Jobs are Good for Retailers.” Ton, Z. Harvard Business Review  Vol. 90, No.1/2(2012): 124-131. (2012)

"The Effect of Product Variety and Inventory Levels on Sales: A Longitudinal Study." Ton, Z., and A. Raman, Production and Operations Management Journal Vol. 19, No. 5 (2010): 546-560. (2010)

"Managing the Impact of Employee Turnover on Performance: The Role of Process Conformance." Ton, Z., and  R. S. Huckman. Organization Science Vol. 19, No. 1 (2008): 56-68. (2008)

"The Hidden Risk in Cutting Retail Payroll." Ton, Z. Harvard Business Review Vol. 86, No. 3 (2008): 22. (2008)

"The Role of Execution in Managing Product Availability." DeHoratius, N., and Z. Ton. In Retail Supply Chain Management: Quantitative Models and Empirical Studies (International Series in Operations Research & Management Science), edited by Narendra Agrawal and Stephen A. Smith, 53-78.  New York, NY: Springer Science+Business Media, LLC, 2008.

"The Role of Store Execution in Managing Product Availability." Ton, Zeynep. DBA diss., Harvard University, 2002.

"Execution: The Missing Link in Retail Operations." Raman, A., N. DeHoratius, and Z. Ton. California Management Review Vol. 43, No. 3 (2001): 136-152. (2001)

"The Achilles Heel of Supply Chain Management." Raman, A., N. DeHoratius, and Z. Ton. Harvard Business Review Vol. 79, No. 5 (2001): 25-28. (2001)


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