Nemit Shroff

Assistant Professor of Accounting

Biography | Selected Publications

“Externalities of Public Firm Presence: Evidence from Private Firms’ Investment Decisions.” Badertscher, Brad, Nemit Shroff, and Hal White. Journal of Financial Economics 109 (September, 2013): 682‐706.

Corporate Investment and Changes in GAAP (2012)

Financial Reporting Quality and Economic Growth (2012)

Managerial Investment and Changes in GAAP: An Internal Consequence of External Reporting (2012)

Economic Consequences of Voluntary Disclosure Before Seasoned Equity Offerings: The Impact of the 2005 Securities Offering Reform. (2011)

The Effect of Tax Authority Monitoring and Enforcement on Financial Reporting Quality (2011)

The Information Environment and the Investment Decisions of Multinational Corporations (2011)


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Tel: (617) 324-0805
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General Expertise
Accounting; Capital budgeting; Corporate disclosure practices; Corporate finance; Corporate taxation; Disclosure; Financial regulation; Financial reporting; Financial reporting; Investment analysis; Regulation