Xavier Giroud

Ford International Career Development Professor of Finance
Associate Professor of Finance

Biography | Selected Publications

“Capital and Labor Reallocation Within Firms,” Xavier Giroud, with Holger Mueller, Journal of Finance, forthcoming

“Proximity and Investment: Evidence from Plant-Level Data,” Xavier Giroud. Quarterly Journal of Economics 128, 861-915, 2013

“Snow and Leverage” (with Holger Mueller, Alex Stomper, and Arne Westerkamp), Review of Financial Studies 25, 680-710, 2012.

“Corporate Governance, Product Market Competition, and Equity Prices” (with Holger Mueller), Journal of Finance 66, 563-600, 2011.

“Soft Information and Investment: Evidence from Plant-Level Data,” Doctoral dissertation, New York University, 2011.

“Does Corporate Governance Matter in Competitive Industries?” (with Holger Mueller), Journal of Financial Economics 95, 312-331. (2010)


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Office: E62-639
Tel: (617) 324-3901
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Name: Robert Kissinger
Tel: (617) 253-7006

General Expertise
Capital budgeting; Corporate diversification; Corporate finance; Corporate governance; Facility location; Venture capital